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Friday, January 3, 2014

8-year old South Carolina boy shot by father while deer hunting

An 8-year old boy was hunting deer with his father in the woods, near Olanta, South Carolina, when his father shot at a deer.  Unfortunately, his father hit the boy instead.

The boy is currently undergoing surgery.

From an article:
Byers said officials were notified at about 4:30 pm Wednesday, that a father had accidentally shot his 8-year-old son while the pair was deer hunting. 
Byers said the boy was struck by stray buckshot during the incident and had to undergo surgery Wednesday evening, though the outcome of the surgery is not known at this time. 
Prior to the surgery, the boy was in stable condition while in the hospital and his injuries did not appear to be life threatening, Byers said.
The article did not say whether the boy was wearing an orange vest or hat.

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  1. Buckshot? While deer hunting? Something is not right with this article; a person does not hunt deer with buckshot. A bullet? Sure. A deer slug? Definitely. Buckshot? No way.


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