Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Utah toddler shot and killed with rifle left in home

The writers of the Kid Shootings blog have been unable to keep up with the number of kid shootings of late. We do refer you to The Gun Report, a regular compiling of actual shooting incidents published several times per week in the New York Times. Unfortunately every one of these reports starts out with the shootings of and by children, some as young as toddlers.

That said, we report today on yet another shooting of a toddler with a loaded gun left around in a home where he could get his hands on it. In Utah, a three year old accidentally shot and killed her two year old brother. From the article:
A 2-year-old Cache County boy died late Friday, hours after his sister shot him.
Authorities said the shooting happened about 6:40 p.m. at a home near 3600 West and 2200 South, in an unincorporated part of the county. The boy’s 3-year-old sister shot him with a .22-caliber rifle that had been left in the living room, the sheriff’s office said.
Cache County sheriff’s Lt. Mike Peterson said the gun had been used earlier in the day by the children’s father, who set it down after returning home. The firearm was unloaded but did have live rounds in the magazine, he said.
"We believe the 3-year-old had to manipulate the action enough to chamber a live round," Peterson said in a news release.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2 year old Pennsylvania toddler kills 11 year old sister

A 2 year old toddler has killed his sister with a gun left unsecured in a home. From an article:
Jamara Stevens, 11, was shot and killed in Philadelphia over the weekend by her 2-year-old brother.
Police say the gun was left in the house by their mother’s boyfriend, and on Saturday morning, one of the three Stevens’ children discovered the .357-caliber handgun on top of the refrigerator and brought it upstairs.
The toddler found it, pointed the loaded and cocked gun at Jamara and fired the weapon.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

6 year old Indiana boy shoots 13 year old sibling with M-4 belonging to his father

In a senseless shooting a 6 year old Indiana boy got hold of his father's M-4 assault rifle and shot and killed his 13 year old brother. From an article:
Felony charges have been filed against a local man in the accidental shooting that killed a Greensburg teen.
Jason L. Forshee, 34, was arrested and charged Friday with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, a Class A felony, and dangerous control of a child, a Class C felony.
Craig A. Roberts, 13, was accidentally shot at his home on North Carver Street on the afternoon of March 11 when a sibling picked up an M4 assault rifle that authorities allege Forshee had left unattended. The sibling pointed the rifle at Craig in the living room of the home. The weapon discharged, and a bullet struck the teen in the chest. Craig died at Decatur County Memorial Hospital that evening.
Court documents state that Forshee told police he was cleaning the weapon and had removed the magazine. He was unaware a bullet was in the chamber. Forshee left the room briefly to talk to Craig's mom, Amy Roberts. While out of the room, a 6-year-old picked up the weapon and accidentally fired it.
Forshee said he heard a “pop” while he was out of the room. Seeing Craig had been shot, Forshee applied pressure to the boy’s wound while the mother called 911.
Forshee told police he could not explain how the bullet was in the chamber. He was out of the room approximately 10 to 15 seconds, he said.
A short time before the shooting, Forshee had shown the rifle to a plumber at the home. The 6-year-old asked to see the weapon, and Forshee handed him the gun, according to court documents.
A child visiting the home shared by Amy Roberts, Jason Forshee, Craig and his two siblings March 11 told police that the 6-year-old had pointed the same rifle at her and another child through a laundry room window that day.
Interviews with a child and Craig's mother indicated Forshee had previously let the 6-year-old hold the weapon.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

16 year old Tennessee boy shot in head accidentally by friend

Two Tennessee teens were playing "army" when one of the teens shot the other in the head:
A teen told police he accidentally shot his friend while they were “playing army” in his home in Knoxville.
Kenneith Lampkin, 16, of the North Side died at 12:55 a.m. Monday in UPMC Mercy, where he was taken after the shooting that police say occurred at 5:29 p.m. Saturday in a home on Zara Street, a spokesman for the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office said.
Joseph Robinson Jr., 16, was arrested on Sunday on charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and firearms violations. Robinson, charged as an adult, told police “he accidentally shot the victim while pointing a gun at him and having his finger on the trigger,” the criminal complaint states.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Connecticut teen and half brother shot near a school

One boy is dead and his half brother is injured in a shooting outside of a school in Hamden, Connecticut. From an article:
Two teens were shot, one killed, shortly before 9 p.m. Monday near Butler and Lilac streets, police spokesman Officer David Hartman said.
Police say officers were dispatched to the area at 8:56 p.m. and the male victims were found on a sidewalk adjacent to Lincoln Basset Elementary School. The two were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where one older teen was pronounced dead at 9:28 p.m.
Sources have identified the homicide victim as Taijhon Washington, 17. The injured victim has been identified as a 16-year-old, also of Hamden. He was listed in critical condition early today.
Hamden Public Schools interim Superintendent of Schools Christopher Melillo said grief counselors have been providing services at Hamden High School and Hamden Middle School. Counselors have been sent to the middle school, Melillo said, because students there once knew the victims.
“We’re very sad about this,” Melillo said. “It does impact everyone in the community, We’re here to support the family in their time of grief and support all of the students and staff who were impacted.”
Mellio said Washington and the injured victim were half-brothers. He said though Washington was not a current student of Hamden High School, a great numbers of staff and students knew him.
“A lot of sadness right now at the school,” he said.

14 year old California boy injured by stray bullet while walking home from school

A 14 year old boy was injured by a stray bullet apparently meant for someone else as he walked home from school in Antioch, California:
An Antioch teenager, walking home from school, was wounded in a spray of gunfire Monday afternoon. The 14-year-old boy was on the 1400 block of Sycamore Street, a few blocks from his house, when a bullet struck him in the lower arm.
"Everybody scattered when they heard the shots, everybody scattered," witness Dovie Brown told KTVU.
She heard four shots and came out of her house, to see the boy running in a panic, apparently trying to get home.
Brown and others sat him down on a grassy front yard, as police and paramedics were called.
"He kept saying, 'I'm okay, I'm okay," she recalled, the boy calm as blood ran down his arm.
"I got a towel to wrap it in, " added Brown, "and someone called his mother, and she came running down, and she was really messed-up, I thought she was going to faint, so I tried to comfort her."
"It is an area known for some violence," Antioch Police Lieutenant John Vanderklugt told KTVU.
Witnesses told investigators the bullets came from a man walking on the same side of the street as the victim, who started shooting his handgun at a small, dark, compact car that sped away.
"Our victim was in between the suspect and the vehicle, and that's how our victim was injured," explained Vanderklugt.

6 year old Florida girl injured in attempt to shoot her mother

A Florida girl with spina bifada was injured in an attempt to shoot her mother. From an article:
A felon with a gun shot into a car with children early Monday, police say.
James Brookins' bullet pierced his 23-year-old target, according to Tampa police. Then it grazed the arm of Zakayla Newsome, a 6-year-old with spina bifida.
Brookins' 5-month-old son was nearby, in the back seat.
"You don't have any respect for the law. You don't have any respect for life," Zakayla's grandmother, Zhelma Washington, 45, said later. "Your son could have been killed."
Zakayla, who has undergone about two dozen surgeries in her young life, was back in the hospital Monday.