Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

14-year old Georgia girl shot while selling candy door-to-door

New information on this shooting reveals that the 14 year old girl shot in this incident was actually shot by her 18 year old brother.
The 14-year-old girl who claimed she was injured by a drive-by shooter was actually shot by her brother, Henry County police said Tuesday night. Now both siblings could face charges.
The girl, whose name was not released, told Clayton County police Monday afternoon she’d been shot in the abdomen as she sold candy on Spivey and Clemons roads, not far from the Henry County line.
The teen claimed she was shot by a man traveling in a car with other men, according to police. She underwent surgery later Monday after being transported to the hospital.
Tuesday morning, officers canvassed the area looking for possible clues to the drive-by shooting. But hours later, officers announced new information in the case.
“Working jointly with Clayton County police, we have determined that the shooting actually occurred at the victim’s house inside Henry County,” Major Jason Bolton with Henry police said in an emailed statement. “It appears at this time that the victim was shot by her 18-year-old brother while he was playing with a gun.”
It is possible both siblings could face criminal charges for the shooting and the story allegedly concocted for police, Bolton said. No charges had been filed late Tuesday.
Below is the original posted story about this shooting:

A 14-year old girl was going door-to-door selling candy, in Clayton County, Georgia, with her 18-year old brother.  

One article said that shots were fired from a car, hitting the girl once in the abdomen, and she has been sent to a hospital where she underwent surgery and is in stable condition.

Another article suggested that it may have been the brother who unintentionally shot her.

From an article:
Police are trying to unravel who shot a 14-year-old girl and why. 
Investigators said the girl was shot while selling candy along Clemons Road and Spivey Road in Clayton County. 
The teen was with her 18-year-old brother at the time. 
At about 2 p.m. someone pulled a gun out and began shooting. The teen was hit once in the abdomen, according to police. 
Police, however, spent much of the afternoon and night investigating a home on Shaw Lane a few blocks away in Henry County. 
Police said the emergency call originated from the home. 
They are investigating to determine if the house is connected to the shooting. 
Temieka Clay, who lives next to the home under investigation, was disturbed by the news. 
"It makes me very sad. She's a young girl - that kind of stuff shouldn't happen in today's world," Clay said. 
The victim was taken to Egelston Children's Hospital.

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