Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Monday, September 16, 2013

13-month old New Orleans girl shot to death

Londyn Samuels, age 13 months (source)
13-month old Londyn Samuels was returning from a trip to the park with her nanny, Keelan Armstrong, 18, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

That's when a gunman opened fire on them, shooting twice.  One of the rounds went through Armstrong's back and hit Londyn, in her arms, in the chest.  

Armstrong is recovering.  Londyn died soon after the incident.  She was just learning to walk.

The gunman escaped.

From an article:
Londyn Samuels, who was just learning to walk, was struck by a bullet fired into her 18-year-old nanny's back as she carried the toddler home from the park. 
"What kind of a man would shoot at a woman holding a child?" Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said Friday as he pleaded for witnesses to the Thursday night slaying to come forward. "That's not the kind of person you want to protect." 
Two shots were fired and one of them tore through the sitter's torso, hitting Londyn in the chest. The young woman, who was expected to survive, called the child's father in anguish. 
Londyn's mother was working at a non-profit cafe dedicated to anti-violence when the shooting happened. She said at a news conference that she breaks down in tears every time she looks at a picture of her daughter. 
"I'm hurt," Andrea Samuels, 22, said as she choked back sobs. "Because that was my baby." 
Police said two men were seen running from the scene after the shooting and they released grainy surveillance photos. They did not provide a motive for the shooting, but said there was no gunfight and the two victims were not caught in any crossfire. 
[Londyn's father] Reed said the death of the little girl who loved Minnie Mouse and was always smiling had left a hole in his heart. 
"She just loved being around me and her mama. She was our world, you know? She was the highlight of every day," he said. 
"She was always happy. When I was down, she would crawl in the bed with me and say, 'Dada,' and hit me in the face to make me smile." 
As he mourned, he vented his anger toward the gunman. 
"My daughter didn't do anything to him," he said. "Why did she have to die?" 


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