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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

17-year old Florida girl shot and killed by mother in murder/suicide

Chetana Guduru, age 17 (source)
A 17-year old girl, Chetana Guduru, was shot twice and killed by her mother, Sujatha Guduru, in their Oviedo, Florida home.  The mother then turned the gun on herself, hitting herself in the chest.  She later recovered, however, and was charged for the murder.

From an article:
Guduru told authorities she shot her daughter, Chetana Guduru, a Seminole High School senior, at least twice in a botched murder-suicide at their Oviedo home on Jan. 27. 
Guduru said she feared that no one would care for her daughter after she committed suicide, police told the Orlando Sentinel. 
Guduru’s attorney, Brian Bieber of Miami, said Jan. 31 that Guduru has been mentally ill for most of the last 20 years and may plead insanity. ... 
Alarmed by [an] e-mail, her brother got to the house about 7:20 a.m. and found them both still alive, according to police. 
Guduru's daughter died a short time later at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Her mother told police she had shot her daughter twice, reported the newspaper. .... 
 Bieber hinted that because of her mental health history, Guduru should not have been able to purchase the .38-caliber revolver, the gun she used, at a local gun shop six days before the shooting. 
But gun restrictions only prohibit ownership of two very narrow groups of mental health sufferers: those who have been committed to a mental institution and those found by a judge or government agency to be a danger to themselves or others. 
Guduru was a single mother who lived in her home with her daughter and mother — Chetana's grandmother — who was at home when the shootings took place but was asleep, police reported.


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