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Friday, February 15, 2013

17-year old girl finds loaded gun in church bathroom left overnight

A 17-year old girl in a church in Lebanon, Oregon, found a loaded, holstered handgun in a church bathroom in Lebanon, Oregon.  It had been left there overnight by an off-duty deputy who had been visiting the church from out of state.

The article doesn't say if the weapon was conceal carry or open carry.

Luckily, the girl was fine and the gun was retrieved.

No charges were filed.

From an article:
A church group chaperone got sick to his stomach and put his loaded gun on the window sill in the church bathroom, where it remained until a 17-year-old girl found it the next morning. 
No one was hurt, and the holstered weapon had its safety on, Rev. Frank Moloney of First Christian Church told KVAL News. 
The church made an announcement about finding an "expensive item" in the bathroom, and the man - visiting with a church group from Washington state, where he works as a sheriff's deputy - claimed his gun. 
Moloney said a churchgoer filed a complaint with the sheriff's office in Washington state over the incident. 
He declined to name the deputy or the county in Washington where he works.

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