Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Denver children shot, two fatally, by mother in possible murder/suicide

The Perez children, with mother
Around 5 AM, residents in a Denver neighborhood heard gunshots.  When police investigated, they found that a mother, 22-year-old Mayra Perez, had shot three of her young children and then herself.  

From an article:

Two children and a woman were shot and killed Wednesday morning in a possible murder-suicide at a Denver home. 
A third child was rushed to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries sustained during the shooting incident, according to KDVR-TV. The child, who was seen by neighbors being wheeled out of the house on a stretcher, is currently listed in critical condition at Denver Health Medical Center. 
Authorities appeared to be zeroing in on the theory that the tragic incident was a murder-suicide involving the mother and her children, according to KDVR. 

The names of her two slain children are Erick Perez, who was 2 years old, and Nevaeh Morales, who was 6, the Post reported. Three-year-old Isabel is the third child, who is clinging to life at a local hospital.

However, there may be evidence of another person involved:

A neighbor, 21-year-old Rosalinda Bustillos, told the Post that her father-in-law heard a gun go off around 5 a.m. 
“Right after that a truck took off really fast,” Bustillos said. 
Perez, along with her husband Ricky and their children moved to the neighborhood from Canutillo, Texas, more than a year ago for his job in construction, Perez’s cousin Irene Nuñez told the Post. 
"I think they were having arguments," Nuñez said, speaking from Perez's mother's home in Texas. “We just know they had been having problems."
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