Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

11-year old Pennsylvania girl shot by father who banged his rifle on the ground during argument

36-year-old Thomas Furin was in his home in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, arguing with his girlfriend over an affair he was having, so he loaded his rifle and threatened her with it.  He then banged the butt of the rifle on the floor.  

The rifle discharged, sending a round through the ceiling and into the foot and leg of his 11- or 12-year old daughter in the room above.  The girl underwent surgery.

It happened the day before Christmas eve.

From an article:
According to the police, Furin grabbed a rifle, loaded it then threatened to harm himself if his girlfriend called the police. He then sat on the couch and banged the rifle on the ground, according to investigators. 
That’s when the rifle  sent a round into the air, through the ceiling and into the foot and leg of his daughter, who was watching television while sitting on the floor of a bedroom. 
Neighbor Georgia Chisolm said, “I could hear Erica screaming her head off, so I ran across the street. They said she was in the bedroom with her sister watching TV with her boyfriend, and they just heard screaming. When we went up there, she was more or less in shock.” 
The 11  year-old girl was airlifted to UPMC Children’s Hospital, where she underwent surgery on Monday morning and she will likely remain there for several days. 
According to the police, the victim is 11-years-old, however, neighbors say she just celebrated her 12th birthday. 
Chisolm said, “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and this all has to happen. It’s horrible. I was up all night; I can’t sleep.”

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