Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Teen boy and girl injured in "hail of gunfire" in California

A 16-year old girl and a 17-year old boy were walking together down a very dark street in a neighborhood of San Bernardino, California, when they were fired upon, most likely by multiple shooters.  Both teens were injured, one in the leg and the other in the arm, though luckily not life-threatening.

The shooters had at least one .40-caliber handgun.  They have yet to be identified or captured.

The neighborhood has had a lot of crime lately, including shootings.

From an article:
Neighbors said Sunday they heard between 15 and 20 gunshots in rapid succession out of the darkness on the sidewalk across from their homes. 
“These were just kids. They weren’t gang members. ... The girl couldn’t have weighed more than 80 pounds,” said one neighbor, who declined to be identified. 
The teens were taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center. No further information about their condition was available Sunday. 
Out of fear of retaliation, not one neighbor felt comfortable disclosing their name. 
There are no city street lights in this stretch of North Mountain Avenue, immediately north of Lynnwood Avenue and west of Del Rosa. Houses occupy only the east side of the street. 
One resident took a reporter to a concrete block wall, which several in the neighborhood say shows multiple bullet impact smudges and one deep hole. 
The wall is near the western edge of the sidewalk, where the young couple had been walking in a southerly direction before the gunfire. 
One neighbor said that examination of one of the spent shell casings showed it to be from a .40 caliber firearm. 
The potent .40 caliber handgun cartridge has been adopted by many law-enforcement agencies across the United States, including the California Highway Patrol, and is a frequent choice among civilians who are comfortable with stout recoil. 
Several neighbors said they believe two firearms were used in the shooting because of the rapid rate of fire. After the shooting ceased, two or three assailants ran to a car located a significant distance away, where they made their escape, residents say. 
The sidewalk on the western side of the street is so dark that identification of the suspects — even their race — was impossible, residents say.

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