Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Friday, May 11, 2012

4-year old Colorado boy killed by father in murder/suicide

Michael David Bristol, age 4
A 4-year old boy, Michael David Bristol, was shot and killed in a murder/suicide by his father, Kevin Ray Bristol.  There's no indication of a motive, nor any problems or warning signs associated with the father, but he did have a criminal record of theft and DUI, and police had been called to the home for some unreported issues.

From the article and video:
According to Thornton Police, Bristol's wife found them and called 911.
"Something woke her up, not sure what that was. She checked on her husband and child and they were suffering from gunshot wounds," Officer Matt Barnes with Thornton Police said.
Barnes says she found Bristol and Michael in a back bedroom together. It is unknown at this time where Mrs. Bristol was at the time of the murder-suicide. Police originally told 9NEWS Mrs. Bristol heard "noise" and went to check on her husband and son. Police have not said if Mrs. Bristol heard gunshots that prompted her to check in her family.
There were no other children in the home. Barnes says investigators also found another handgun inside the home, but he did not know if they are registered.
9NEWS has learned that Bristol worked for Thornton Home Repair for six or seven years. His employer said he was a good employee.
"They kind of kept to themselves. They were a younger couple," David Arguello, a neighbor, said. "He was a nice guy. I'd be out here shoveling snow, and he'd come out and help me out, didn't have to ask him."
"They got along good, he got an attachment for the back of his motorcycle for his son to sit in, a carrier-type thing, they dressed alike, they did everything together. It's just sad and crazy that something like this would happen," Nathon Archuleta, a neighbor, said.

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