Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Washington teen dead and another injured while in car

Tiana Montgomery, age 17
Another 17 year old teen, Tiana Montgomery, was shot to death while in a car with an 18 year old boy who was injured in this shooting. From the article:
The victims called 911 as they drove to the Shoreline Police Department for help.  Deputies stopped the car on Aurora Avenue and 185th Street and the victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center, where Montgomery died from her injuries.
The boy and Montgomery had been shot in the back, shoulders and legs and their car was hit with bullets.
"I honestly don't know who or why.  That's what I've been asking other people. That's what other kids at our school have been asking each other is, 'why?'" said Seamon said. "(Montgomery) was working hard just to make sure that, you know, she would maintain and just walk with the rest of her class. She was a very good person."
Too many teens will not get to walk with their classmates to get their high school diplomas. More will likely come out about this case. Meanwhile, this young woman will be missed by her friends and family.

From another article:

According to court documents and the police report, Edwards and Montgomery and another friend had agreed to meet Cooley and two of his friends in the parking lot so they could return a cell phone that belonged to Cooley's friend.

Cooley and his friends were waiting in Cooley's blue Ford Mustang when Edwards and Montgomery arrived, and one of those friends got into an argument with Montgomery as she sat in the driver's seat of the SUV.

Prior to this meeting, Edwards had only met Cooley once before, court documents say.

Cooley then walked over to the passenger side of the SUV, where Edwards was sitting, and racked back the slide of a handgun, according to court documents.

Edwards then got out of the SUV to confront Cooley, and that's when Cooley opened fire at Edwards, hitting him in the knee, court papers say.

Edwards screamed and turned to jump back into the passenger seat of the SUV, and he was shot at least two more times in the back, court papers say. Altogether, several shots were fired.

As Edwards got back into the SUV, Montgomery drove out of the parking lot at high speed. She was crying and telling Edwards she had been shot, too.

She then passed out, and the SUV came to a stop. Despite his injuries, Edwards was able to get into the driver's seat and drive toward the local police station. When he saw patrol cars responding to the shooting, he flagged them down.

Medics were immediately called to begin emergency treatment, but Montgomery died of her injuries. Edwards was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.


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