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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Man tries to sneak gun parts on plane inside of son's stuffed animals

A man and his 4-year old son were going through the TSA security checkpoint in the airport of Warwick, Rhode Island when TSA agents found something shocking.  The boy's three stuffed animals weren't just stuffed with cotton, but with the gun parts and ammo to assemble a .40-caliber handgun! 

Amazingly, the TSA only confiscated the gun parts then allowed the man and son to continue with their flight!

From the CNN article:
A TSA officer watched as a carry-on bag containing a stuffed teddy bear, a bunny rabbit and a Mickey Mouse toy went through a checkpoint X-ray machine Monday. The officer spotted the disassembled firearm components and ammunition concealed inside each of the stuffed animals, the TSA said.
Officers notified the Rhode Island Airport Police and conducted a search of the bag.
Inside the toys, officials say, they found the mainframe of a .40-caliber firearm, a magazine with two .40-caliber rounds, a firing pin and a slide.
The TSA says law enforcement officers interviewed the man, who stated he was unaware that there were gun parts inside the toys.
The items were confiscated and the father and son were allowed to continue their flight to Detroit.
Law enforcement agents continue to investigate the incident.
"This is just another example that threats can appear anywhere, and this is why TSA officers take a closer look at everything," the agency said in a news release. "It's also an example that shows that even though TSA has modified the screening process for children 12 and under, the security process is still just as effective."
The man claimed it was the result of a domestic dispute, somehow. 

Aren't the TSA paid to prevent potential dangers to flights?  Shouldn't they be suspicious that this man might have intended to reassemble the gun in-flight and hijack the plane or some other nefarious deed?  And even if it was somehow related to a domestic dispute, shouldn't that be just as shocking and worthy of taking him into immediate custody?  Don't they think the boy might have been in danger, with gun parts and live ammo in his stuffed animals?

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