Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Newscast: Keeping guns away from children

Keep guns away from children.  Lock them up.  Store the ammo separately.  ASK about guns where your children play.

A good newscast and article:

It's a question many parents ask themselves: How do you keep a gun close by for personal protection, but also keep it away from your kids? After another child dies accidentally shooting himself -- the issue is raising more concern.

4-year-old Jaylen Johnson found his mother's gun in her car Sunday, and accidentally shot himself in the head. 
With tragedies like Sunday's, some people are questioning whether parents can protect their children, and protect their homes and cars with guns. Experts at Lock and Load in Tyler say it is possible - especially with devices like a gun vault. All you do is type in the code, and your gun is quickly ready to use. 
"It's tragic," Robert Quates from Lock and Load said. "Gun safety is one of your top priorities if you're going to be in the market to buy a firearm, have a firearm."
Richard Bryan agrees -- he lives with his 10-year-old grandson.
"He's only 10 years old and he does have toy guns with the orange tip on them, however, a 10-year-old is a 10-year-old and 10-year-olds like to play with guns," he said. "I keep my gun in my safe."
A safe is a great option -- and there are plenty of kinds.   
"$32 for safety is a reasonable price," Quates said.
But if you don't want to pay for those, there are more simple options.
"If you don't have a way to lock your firearm up, keep your ammo separate," Quates said.
That way, if a child finds the gun he or she is safe from injury. 
It is a federal law to keep your gun locked and away from your children, and even something as inexpensive and simple as a cable lock for only $3, can keep your children safe and alive.
Experts also say if your child is going to a friend's house, you should ask the child's parents if they have firearms, and if they are locked safely away. 
The Tyler Police Department is investigating Sunday's case and soon those detectives plan to meet with the Smith County District Attorney's office.

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