Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three children shot in Chicago in last couple days, ages 1, 7, and 7

Three children were shot in Chicago in the last couple days:  a 1-year old girl sleeping in bed was shot from outside the home, injuring her in the head, as well as injuring her mother; a 7-year old boy shot in the leg while playing basketball outside his grandfather's home; and a 7-year old girl was shot in the thigh.

From the article:

Overnight, a 1-year-old child sleeping in bed was wounded in the head by a bullet fired from outside.
The incidents occurred on the South and Southeast Side.
Families raced to Christ Medical Center because children are Chicago's latest shooting victims.
"He didn't do nothing to nobody," said Christine Blanton, the victim's grandmother. "He can't even play outside. He's seven years old."
Relatives of 7-year-old Derrick Robeteau say he was shot in the leg while playing in front of his grandfather's home in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood.
"We moved over here to get away from this type of activity," said Derrick's grandfather, Derek Patrick.
Another child is being treated at Christ Hospital. One-year-old Jayilah Allen has a gunshot wound to the head.
"This is ridiculous," Katina Allen said. "Kids come shoot up your house. My little niece is one year old, battling for her life."
The baby and her mother, Tonishia Allen, were asleep when a bullet ripped through a relative's west Pullman home about 1:30 Thursday morning.
The mother was also hit, but has been released from the hospital.
"My daughter was laying on the kitchen floor and my baby was still in the bed," Allen's mother Tina Cornell said. "I went to check on them and that's when I realized they had been shot."
There was another shooting Thursday and another child shot.

A bullet grazed a 7-year-old girl's thigh on the Far Southeast Side.
She is in good condition tonight.
"Chicago Police Department is doing all they can," Andrew Holmes said. "But it takes this community and people who know others who have guns to pick up the phone and tell."

More on these shootings, and news video on the shooting of the 1-year old and her mother HERE.

Bullets don't know when to stop.

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