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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teen at Oakland High School brings "replica gun" to school

A teen boy was caught with a realistic "replica gun" at Oakland High School in Oakland, California. 

From the article:

A student at Oakland High School who brought a replica gun to school was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon, according to school district spokesman Troy Flint.

It was a parent who alerted the school administration to the apparent security threat. While dropping her child off at school in the morning, she noticed a boy showing what looked like a gun to three other students near the school, Flint said.

Hours later, after the student was identified, he was called out of class and taken to the main office. He denied possessing a gun, but a search revealed a fake weapon in his pant leg or boot. School district police took the teen into custody shortly after 1:30 p.m., Flint said.
This is the second weapons incident at the high school in a less than a month. In late March, a student was playing with a weapon he had brought to school when it discharged in his classroom; no one was hurt, but the bullet came close to hitting a classmates leg, according to reports made to the Oakland school district police.
"Replica gun" is often a term used for realistic BB or pellet guns, like Airsoft guns.

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