Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Advice about stopping children from shooting people

In looking at an article about a recent shooting of one child by another, we found this link to an article written in April by a Judith Palfry, Pediatrician. From the article:
Last December, in the days after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, my husband and I wanted the public to know that gun injuries are too common in our children's lives. We wanted doctors and nurses to redouble efforts to help families decrease the threat that guns pose to children and to offer hope and encouragement that there really are positive things we can do to increase our children's safety. So we wrote an article for the New England Journal of Medicine
For the article, we didn't have to look far to discover that guns are as much a threat to our children and grandchildren as infectious diseases and other health disorders. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6,570 people ages 1 to 24 died from firearm injuries in 2010. That's 18 people every day and a staggering seven a day for children ages 1 to 19.
In 2010, firearms caused twice as many deaths as cancer, five times as many as heart disease and 15 times as many as the recorded infections. Protecting children from gun violence is not a political decision, it's a public health imperative.
Guns kill teenagers who get into scuffles over weighty and trivial matters. They kill sad boys and girls who make the impulsive decision to end it all right now, and can because they have the lethal means right in their hands. And they kill little children who play act what they see adults doing around them or on television or the internet.
The article then goes on to list the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) about how to reduce gun injuries and deaths of children:
"The best preventive measure against firearm injuries and deaths is not to own a gun. However, if you choose to have firearms in your home, adhere to these rules for gun safety:
• Never allow your child access to your gun(s). No matter how much instruction you may give him or her, a youngster in the middle years is not mature and responsible enough to handle a potentially lethal weapon.
• Never keep a loaded gun in the house or the car.
• Guns and ammunition should be locked away safely in separate locations in the house. Make sure children don't have access to the keys.
• Guns should be equipped with trigger locks.
• When using a gun for hunting or target practice, learn how to operate it before loading it. Never point the gun at another person and keep the safety catch in place until you are ready to fire it. Before setting the gun down, always unload it.
• Do not use alcohol or drugs while you are shooting.
Considering the number of incidents of shootings of and by children on this blog, this is good advice. Gun injuries and deaths are preventable.

Friday, June 28, 2013

5-year old Oregon girl killed when man fires assault weapon through ceiling

A 5-year old girl, Alyssa Bobbit, was in her apartment in Grant's Pass, Oregon, along her mother and another adult woman, Karen Hancock, when a transient male, Jon Andrew Meyer Jr., age 30, visited their home.

That's when Meyer found an assault rifle in the home, which was apparently fully automatic, either by design or by alteration of a semi-auto version.  He then fired the gun through the ceiling of the room, striking Alyssa in the head and wounding Hancock in the torso.  Alyssa later died.

From an article:
Police said Meyer was in a downstairs room of the apartment when the rifle went off there, and the girl and the woman were upstairs in the same apartment. The woman was not related to the girl, whose mother was also in the apartment, but not shot, Turner said. 
A neighbor, Chris Mehl, told The Grants Pass Daily Courier (http://bit.ly/11Sry9a ) that he heard a gunshot, then a rapid firing. 
When he left his house, he said, he saw the girl on the sidewalk. It appeared she'd been struck in the head, and he tried to stop the blood, he said. .... 
Bill Dodder told The Associated Press that he heard a very loud sound while inside his house a block away, but did not immediately recognize it as gunfire. When he went to see what was going on, he saw Meyer outside yelling on his cellphone, apparently with the 911 dispatcher, and asking bystanders for the address. 
Dodder said Meyer told the dispatcher, "There is no shooter! There is no shooter!" and added that he did not know the magazine was loaded. 
Police said the girl was taken to the hospital in Grants Pass but died a short time later. They said the woman, 44, was shot in the torso and hospitalized in stable condition.

13 year old Utah girl injured after accidental shooting

A Utah teen ager was injured in an accidental shooting when her brother discharged a gun in the home. From an article:
A 13-year-old girl was in stable condition Thursday night after her older brother accidentally shot her in their home with a handgun.
The round from the .22-caliber handgun struck the girl in the shoulder, Clearfield Police Chief Greg Krusi said. The 15-year-old boy immediately rushed to tell his parents, who were home at the time and called 911.
The girl was hit from behind, police said, and the bullet exited through her arm. She was conscious and communicating with paramedics as she was taken by medical helicopter from her home at 221 N. 360 West to Primary Children's Medical Center.
Investigators will be inquiring where the gun came from, whether it was properly secured and what exactly happened before the gun went off, Krusi said. At this point, it doesn't appear any charges will be filed, he said.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

2 year old Georgia child shot in stomach after his father intervened in argument

A 2 year old boy was shot while sitting in his car after his father intervened in an altercation at a Kroger's store:
There was no ignoring what came next – the rat-a-tat-tat of a semi-automatic rifle fired nonchalantly into a car occupied by a mother and her 2-year-old son.
It came without warning and without reason, captured by a witness’ cell phone camera, who provided the footage to Channel 2 Action News.
But it’s the sounds, not the sights, that linger – the anguished screams of a mother trailing her husband as he cradled their bleeding son in his arms, who was hit by the gunfire. Clearly panicking, he carries the little boy into and back out of the store, surrounded by frantic shoppers uncertain whether to seek cover or run to safety.
The toddler, shot in the abdomen, is expected to survive. He remains in stable condition at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.
Those who witnessed the chaos unfold remained shaken long after it ended.
“He was crying really hard,” said Betelehem Sheferaw, 19, unable to get the toddler’s tears out of her head.
Even veteran lawmen were taken aback by the brazenness of Wednesday afternoon’s shooting, triggered when the father of the boy confronted the shooter after observing him steal a chain off another man’s neck just moments before.
“It had to be very clear that the child was in the vehicle and he had absolutely no regard for the child or any of those witnesses,” DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander told reporters.
Investigators are confident they’ll find the suspect. Kroger’s surveillance cameras produced several clear shots of the man, last seen walking briskly behind the supermarket, dressed in a black T-shirt and an Oakland Raiders cap.
Alexander said it’s likely the gunman had an accomplice waiting in a nearby vehicle.
Besides the shooting, the suspect is also wanted for the chain snatching outside a neighboring Chase Bank branch.
The father of the shooting victim was leaving the bank when the alleged theft occurred. The suspect fled on foot, briefly ducking into another store between Chase and Kroger.
When their paths crossed again, the unidentified good Samaritan decided to confront the thief, police said, parking his car in front of the grocery store’s main entrance.
Witness Jamilia Adams, 41, said she saw the two men yelling at each other. There was some benign physical contact but no fisticuffs.
The suspect pulled away, according to Alexander, and then, as evident on the cell phone video, promptly walked up to the good Samaritan’s car and fired up to 15 shots.
It was a surreal scene, described by one witness on Twitter as something “out of a movie.”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Ohio children found dead in grandparents' home

(UPDATED -- see below)
Austin Wiseman, age 12, and Blake Campbell, age 9

Two young boys were found dead in the home of their Jackson, Ohio grandparents. From a story about the incident:
Two brothers, ages 9 and 12, were found shot to death inside their grandparents’ home in Jackson County yesterday, and authorities are saying little about what happened.
They did not release the boys’ names, but neighbors identified them as 12-year-old Austin Wiseman and 9-year-old Blake Campbell. Public records show that a woman who lives at one of two addresses involved yesterday, 32-year-old Kelly Lenoir Harris, is the mother of those two boys.
No one would say where she was last night or whether any arrests had been made.
Authorities said the Jackson County sheriff’s office received a 911 call from a cellphone just after 11 a.m. The caller said the two boys had been found dead in an upstairs bedroom. County Coroner Gregory Hawker said this morning that a .44-caliber, six-shot revolver was found at the scene. Hawker said there were other weapons present, but the revolver was the only one loaded. The weapon has not yet been determined to be the one that fired the fatal shots, Hawker said, adding that preliminary autopsy results should be available this afternoon.
UPDATE (6/28/13):   According to authorities, Austin shot and killed Blake before turning the gun on himself.  They were brothers, at the home of their grandparents'.  It's unknown if it was an intentional murder/suicide or if Blake's death was unintentional.  Both were shot in the head.  There were several guns found at the scene, though only the .44-caliber handgun used in the crime was loaded.  From an article:

Authorities determined Thursday that Austin Wiseman, 12, shot and killed his half-brother Blake Campbell, 9, before shooting himself in the head around 11 a.m. Wednesday. 
The boy's grandparents, with whom they lived, came home from an errand and found the dead boys in the Jackson home's bedroom, the Columbus Dispatch reports. .... 
Police have not determined yet if Campbell, killed first by a gunshot to the head from a few feet away, was shot accidentally. Several guns were found at the scene, police said, including a .44-caliber revolver. Authorities have yet to determine if that gun was used in the murder-suicide, but the handgun was reportedly the only loaded weapon 
Who owns the gun - and how Wiseman got his hands on it - remains unclear. The boy's mother, Kelly Lenoir Harris, 32, lives in a garage apartment behind the grandparents' East South St. home. It's unclear where she was at the time of the shootings.

Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

12-year-old dies in unintentional shooting

12-year-old Kyle Fisher, of Modoc, Indiana, was shot and killed late Saturday when a rifle was unintentionally discharged in his home.

From an article:
According to the report, Mitchell Gililand, 36, told officers he "was placing a rifle in a gun cabinet when it discharged, striking the victim in the chest." 
Efforts were made to resuscitate the victim at the scene. He was pronounced dead at St. Vincent Randolph Hospital in Winchester. 
Kyle would have been a seventh-grade at Modoc Union-Senior High School this fall. His survivors include his father and seven siblings.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Orleans 5 year old left alone in house shoots herself

Another young child has shot herself with a loaded gun left in the home. From an article:
A 5-year-old girl left home alone in New Orleans while her mother went to the store fatally shot herself in the head, police said Sunday.
The child's mother, Laderika Smith — who turned 28 on Sunday, according to the jail website — was booked on a charge of cruelty to a juvenile for leaving her alone.
Officers were called to her North Galvez St. home shortly before 11 a.m. and found the little girl had "accidentally shot herself in the head," police said in a statement.
Smith told investigators she locked her daughter in the home while she went to the store and when she returned, found her on the bedroom floor, police said. She admitted to having a .38 caliber revolver, which police found at the scene, they said.
The child, whose name was not released, was on life support for several hours before being pronounced dead. The district attorney will decide whether to press additional charges against Smith after an autopsy, police said.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

9 year old boy Ohio shot by his cousin

Matthew Schreckengaust, age 9
It's happened again. A young child has been shot by his 14 year old cousin in Ohio. From an article:
A 9-year-old boy is dead in Ohio after he was accidentally shot Friday afternoon while handling a gun with his 14-year-old cousin, according to local media reports.
Matthew Schreckengaust was shot while "examining a gun" with his 14-year-old cousin in Minerva, Ohio, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. Authorities told Fox8 Cleveland that the boys were "looking at and handling a gun that they believed was unloaded" when the weapon was discharged and hit Schreckengaust. He later died from the gunshot wounds at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio. 
Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier said the gun was owned by the boys' uncle.
“Two young boys inquisitive about a firearm and, unfortunately, this resulted in a horrific tragedy for the family and for our community,” Maier said, according to the Beacon Journal.
(Matthew's obituary)

Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

The accidental shooting happened on ASK day. Please look at the website of the Center to Prevent Youth Violence for more information about asking if there is a gun where your children play. Every year on the first day of summer, the campaign encourages parents to ask the hard question about guns in homes. Too many children die every day from accidental shootings ( and other shootings as well). As the CPYV says, "Asking Saves Kids."

Friday, June 21, 2013

6-month old Tennessee girl killed when parents fight over handgun

A couple were involved in a domestic dispute, in Knoxville, Tennessee, and were fighting over a handgun.  At their feet were one of their small children, a 6-month old girl.  The gun was discharged, hitting the father in the hand and then hitting the child in the head.  She soon died.

From an article and news video:

According to documents a witness in the house at the time of the shooting overheard the child's parents fighting over a handgun while the baby girl sat at their feet.

The witness says she then heard a struggle. The gun went off, striking the father in the hand and hitting the baby girl in the head.

It happened around 1:30 Wednesday on Alcoa Highway in South Knoxville. Officers are not yet saying how many rounds were fired. The handgun was recovered at the scene.

The couple had previously been charged with arson.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two 17 year olds shot in Chicago on Monday

There were 8 shootings in 9 hours in Chicago on Monday. Included in the victims were two 17 year old boys. From an article:
Eight people -- including a 17-year-old boy left critically wounded -- were shot Monday afternoon and evening throughout the city. (...) About 2:45 p.m., a separate shooting wounded another 17-year-old boy, this time in the 200 block of West 118th Street in the Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side, police said.

12 year old Indiana boy shot by his 16 year old brother

An Indiana teen shot his 12 year old brother accidentally. From an article:
A 12-year-old Jennings County boy accidentally shot by his 16-year-old brother remained in an Indianapolis hospital Tuesday.
The child was shot while his brother was handling a rifle in their home late Monday, Maj. Jerry L. Shepherd of the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department said.
“He’s not doing very well,” Shepherd said Tuesday afternoon. “His condition is not stable.”
Deputies were called to a home in Sand Creek Township near county roads 1000N and 275W at 11:37 p.m. Monday.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

1 year old Tennessee boy injured

We are reporting on yet another shooting of a baby. This one, in Tennessee, involved an apparent stray bullet which came through a home and hit the little boy in the head:
Jackson police are investigating a shooting that injured a 1-year-old boy at The Villages at Old Hickory Apartments, at 550 Old Hickory Blvd., shortly before 11 p.m. Monday.
A bullet came into the child's apartment from outside, hitting the boy in the head, investigators said. The bullet fractured the child's skull, but did not hit his brain, police said.
The child was taken to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in critical condition and was awaiting transfer to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis late Monday night.
Police said the shooter was in a small red small car, possibly a Fiat. Witnesses told police there were three black men in dark clothes in the car. No arrests were made Monday night.
Police said a burglary was reported at the same apartment earlier Monday and they were investigating whether the burglary and the shooting were connected.
Witnesses said they heard one or two rounds fired.
Little children should be safe from stray bullets flying around on their streets.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Former Alabama middle school student and employee holds several students at gunpoint

Back in February, a former student and summer employee entered the Chelsea Middle School, in Chelsea, Alabama, and held a number of students at gunpoint.

Luckily, a heroic PE teacher prevented a shooting and, with the help of a school resource officer, apprehended the would-be shooter, and no shots were fired.

From an article:
Shelby County schools Superintendent Randy Fuller said the man entered the school about 3:10 p.m. and held several students at gunpoint. 
He was apprehended at about 3:30 p.m. by a school resource officer and other Shelby County deputies. 
The suspect's name was not released, but officials said he's in his early 20s. 
Tracy Dale Greene, father of a student there, said a physical education teacher at the school is a hero. 
"(My daughter) told me that the PE teacher was a hero," Greene said. "She jumped in between the gunman and students and said '911 locker room' on the radio," to alert school officials of the intruder.
The school will have classes Wednesday, said Cindy Warner, spokeswoman for Shelby County Schools. 
Several law enforcement and school system officials were on the scene shortly before 5 p.m. The entrance to the building is taped off. In addition to the sheriff's office, the FBI, ATF, and Alabama State Troopers were also on the scene.

9-year old Bronx girl hit by stray bullet shot by 17-year old boy

Amanda Chavan, age 9
9-year old Amanda Chavan was playing in front of her grandmother's home with 5-year old little brother, Gustavo, in the Bronx, New York.

That's when a 17-year old boy, Billy James, Jr., riding on a bicycle, is believed to have opened fire, aiming at another person.  But one of the bullets hit Amanda in the stomach.  She was rushed to the hospital, where she is recovering.

From an article and news video:
Authorities released a photo of Billy James Jr., whom they are calling a person of interest in the case. 
According to police, a person between 15 and 20 years old riding a BMX-style bicycle fired several rounds, hitting the girl who was playing in front of a building on Bailey Avenue in Kingsbridge at around 9:45 p.m. 
Shooter, Billy James, Jr. age 17
The girl, who was struck in the torso, is not believed to have been the intended target. She is recovering at Jacobi Medical Center.
According to a related article with more pictures of the young victim, Amanda is afraid to go home now.

Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Another blog about kid shootings

We have learned that other people are now blogging about shootings of and by kids. It's great to have company with this effort because it's very hard to keep track of all of the shootings involving children. Sad, but true. So here is a link to the Gun Crisis Reporting Project. Below are just a few of the entries:
  • A 12-year-old girl was killed and three more people were wounded in Providence, RI, early this morning, according to wpri.com 
  • According to the New York Post,  a nine-year-old girl -- shot Friday night in the Bronx -- was the third child struck by a stray bullet in the city during the past month 
  • A 14-year-old boy was shot in the chest in Staten Island, according to silive.com 
  • A child was shot while sleeping in the same bed with his mother in Kansas early Thursday, according to KSN.com 
You get the idea. There are more entries in this blog. We would also like to point out that New York Times writer and blogger Joe Nocera is writing a regular column called The Gun Report in which he is reporting gun incidents in America. Most often his report includes the deaths and injuries of children.

There is also the American Gun Victims Wall Facebook Page, the Ohh Shoot! blog, and the Today's Accidental Shootings blog.

We are thankful to these folks because it's important that we are reporting the factual information about such an important issue.

10-year old California boy shot and killed by 9-year old girl

Eric Klyaz, age 10
A 10-year old boy, Eric Klyaz, was playing with a 9-year old girl in a garage, which was made into a play
area, in San Diego, California.  No adults were present, but they were being supervised by the girl's 14-year old sister.

But the two younger kids got hold of a loaded .9mm handgun, and it was unintentionally discharged, hitting Eric in the chest.  He died soon after.

From an article:
According to police, the child and a 9-year-old girl were handling a loaded gun in the garage of a housing complex when the shooting took place, local news outlets report. Though the boy, identified by ABC 10News as Eric Klyaz, was rushed to a local hospital, he succumbed to his injuries later that day. 
As the Associated Press notes, the girl's 14-year-old sibling was babysitting at the time, and no adults were present. After the shot rang out shortly after 4 p.m., adults nearby ran to the garage and discovered Klyaz had been shot in the chest. Police found a 9 mm semi-automatic at the scene. 
"I heard a loud pop and said that didn’t sound good,” a neighbor told Fox 5 News San Diego. ”I found a boy curled up in the fetal position with a red dot on his back it looked like a gun shot.” 
Klyaz's parents also rushed to the garage, which residents dubbed more of a playhouse for kids in the complex, and discovered he was not breathing. The 10-year-old's father cradled his son while others attempted CPR, U-T San Diego reports. 
San Diego Police Department officials have launched an investigation into the accidental shooting, and the 9-year-old girl's parents could face criminal charges, NBC 7 News San Diego reports. 
"We’re going to have to investigate where the gun was and whether the child had immediate access to it or if they were digging around in an area where they wouldn’t expect for them to get to,” Lt. Joseph Ramos told the local NBC affiliate.
Another girl witnessed the shooting.  From another article:
Neighbors of the community say it’s common for the children to play together, bouncing from one open garage to the next. 
“I just can’t believe it,” said resident Julie Choi whose two sons often played with the victim. She described the boy as a fourth grade student. 
Choi saw the boy riding on his scooter outside her home moments before the shooting. 
The girl who witnessed the shooting was very shaken up but uninjured police said. She will be questioned about what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting. 
Carla Mangus said residents all keep their garages open and the complex is “like a big, huge playground” for the children. 
She now has the difficult task of explaining to her son why he will no longer have his playmate. 
“Playing with him every single day and now he’s not there,” Mangus said. “We’re going to have to deal with that.”
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

15-year old Pennsylvania boy dies in pellet gun shooting

Tristan "Ty" Yonkin, age 15
A 15-year old boy, Tristan "Ty" Yonkin, was visiting the home of a friend in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania,
when the boys went target-shooting with a pellet gun.

They discharged the gun, and the pellet hit Ty, killing him.

From an article:

State police said Tristin “Ty” Yonkin and a friend were target shooting with a pellet gun Tuesday afternoon in western Clinton County when somehow, Yonkin was shot in the chest and died. ... 
[Neighbor Alicia] Farrington heard there was a pellet gun involved and never thought the gun could be lethal. 
“I didn’t think someone would pass away from a hit with a pellet gun.” ... 
“It’s not uncommon anymore to see pellet guns that shoot 1200, 1500, 1600 feet per second. Which a lot of people don’t realize is significantly faster than a standard velocity . 22 long rifle,” said [gun shop owner Adam] Kordes.
From another article:
Investigators say the shooting of Ty Yonkin in Clinton County on Tuesday afternoon appears to be an accident and isn't considered suspicious. An autopsy is scheduled Wednesday in State College. 
Deputy Coroner Zach Hanna says Yonkin was at a friend's home in Porter Township when the shooting happened. It wasn't immediately clear how he was shot and the death is under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police and the coroner's office. 
He was pronounced dead at Lock Haven Hospital around 3 p.m.
According to Ty's obituary:
Ty was a sophomore at Central Mountain High School. He played high school soccer and was involved in the STN Travel Team. He was also a member of the Central Mountain Track Team and the Yearbook Club.

Pellet guns aren't toys.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three teen girls and their mother shot by mother's boyfriend in Tennessee

An argument took place in an apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, between 39-year-old Earnest Woodley and his girlfriend, Nicole Luke.  

Woodley, a convicted felon for second-degree murder, assault, and drug charges, then pulled out a gun and started shooting, injuring Nicole and her twin 14-year old daughters.  Woodley then went outside and shot and injured Luke's 15-year old daughter, who was sitting in a vehicle.  Woodley then fled.  Other children in the apartment were, luckily, unharmed.

From an article:
Police said "Woodley and Nicole Luke were reportedly moving to Memphis when they stopped by Woodley's cousin's apartment...to say goodbye." They parked two vehicles outside, a U-Haul full of their belongings and a Chevrolet Traverse.
Woodley, Luke and twins Deona and Keona Luke went inside while Luke's 15-year-old daughter, Kierra Smith, stayed inside the SUV.
Woodley's cousin told police that the couple argued inside the apartment and Woodley shot Luke and the twins before going outside and firing into the SUV, wounding Smith, the news release said.
Three other children inside the apartment, including the couple's 3-year-old daughter, were not harmed.
Police said Woodley ran into the woods after the shooting, wearing blue shorts and a gray t-shirt.
The police department's domestic violence division said it has no prior history on the family.
The news release said Woodley's parole expired in 2010. In addition to his murder conviction, he has a long arrest record in Nashville and felony convictions in Shelby County for aggravated assault and cocaine possession, police said,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

14-year old Georgia girl shot while selling candy door-to-door

New information on this shooting reveals that the 14 year old girl shot in this incident was actually shot by her 18 year old brother.
The 14-year-old girl who claimed she was injured by a drive-by shooter was actually shot by her brother, Henry County police said Tuesday night. Now both siblings could face charges.
The girl, whose name was not released, told Clayton County police Monday afternoon she’d been shot in the abdomen as she sold candy on Spivey and Clemons roads, not far from the Henry County line.
The teen claimed she was shot by a man traveling in a car with other men, according to police. She underwent surgery later Monday after being transported to the hospital.
Tuesday morning, officers canvassed the area looking for possible clues to the drive-by shooting. But hours later, officers announced new information in the case.
“Working jointly with Clayton County police, we have determined that the shooting actually occurred at the victim’s house inside Henry County,” Major Jason Bolton with Henry police said in an emailed statement. “It appears at this time that the victim was shot by her 18-year-old brother while he was playing with a gun.”
It is possible both siblings could face criminal charges for the shooting and the story allegedly concocted for police, Bolton said. No charges had been filed late Tuesday.
Below is the original posted story about this shooting:

A 14-year old girl was going door-to-door selling candy, in Clayton County, Georgia, with her 18-year old brother.  

One article said that shots were fired from a car, hitting the girl once in the abdomen, and she has been sent to a hospital where she underwent surgery and is in stable condition.

Another article suggested that it may have been the brother who unintentionally shot her.

From an article:
Police are trying to unravel who shot a 14-year-old girl and why. 
Investigators said the girl was shot while selling candy along Clemons Road and Spivey Road in Clayton County. 
The teen was with her 18-year-old brother at the time. 
At about 2 p.m. someone pulled a gun out and began shooting. The teen was hit once in the abdomen, according to police. 
Police, however, spent much of the afternoon and night investigating a home on Shaw Lane a few blocks away in Henry County. 
Police said the emergency call originated from the home. 
They are investigating to determine if the house is connected to the shooting. 
Temieka Clay, who lives next to the home under investigation, was disturbed by the news. 
"It makes me very sad. She's a young girl - that kind of stuff shouldn't happen in today's world," Clay said. 
The victim was taken to Egelston Children's Hospital.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Car with children shot while driving on I-5 in Oregon

A car with a family of a couple and their two children in it was driving on Interstate 5, near Wilsonville, Oregon, when another car pulled up alongside with two males in it.  They opened fire on the family, hitting the side of the car three times before driving off.

Luckily no one was injured.

The suspects got away.

From an article:
Jose Gomez Munoz, 43, of Cornelius, was heading northbound with his wife and two children, when a dark, 4-door sedan pulled alongside, state police said. That's when Munoz reported hearing, "two loud bangs," and watched the dark car speed away. 
Troopers say the suspect vehicle in the shooting contained two young adult Hispanic males. The vehicle containing the two suspects was last seen heading northbound passing the Interstate 5 Baldock Rest Area. 
Three bullet holes were found in the left side of the car; two in the driver's door and one in the left rear passenger door, but none of the bullets penetrated into the car's interior.

Two small children and mother narrowly missed when target shooters hit their home in Indiana

A woman and her two small children were at home in Porter County, Indiana, when a bullet entered their home, narrowly missing them.  It was shot by neighbors who were target-shooting without a backstop.

No charges.

From an article:
A woman and two small children reportedly narrowly missed being struck by a stray bullet Thursday evening in the 300 block of Pepper Creek Drive in Porter County's Union Township. According to an article in the Times, authorities believe the bullet came from a couple who were target shooting at watermelon without a backstop 18-hundred feet away. No arrests were made, but police did confiscate the handguns used in the incident, and forwarded charges of criminal recklessness against the couple to prosecutors for consideration.
Bullets don't know when to stop.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teen boy and teen girl shot in yard in California

A teen boy and girl were in the yard of a home in Visalia, California, when they were shot and injured.

From an article:
A teenage boy sustained a gunshot wound in the front yard of a Visalia home late Thursday night, police said. 
Officers found the boy in the area of Conyer Street and Vine Avenue about 11 p.m. 
A teenage girl also was injured and driven to a hospital. The nature of her injury and the conditions of both victims were not known. 
Police discovered several bullet holes in the home. Two vehicles also were struck by gunfire.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2013/06/07/3332399/teen-boy-wounded-by-gunfire-at.html#storylink=cpy

A teenage girl also was injured and driven to a hospital. The nature of her injury and the conditions of both victims were not known.
Police discovered several bullet holes in the home. Two vehicles also were struck by gunfire.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2013/06/07/3332399/teen-boy-wounded-by-gunfire-at.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2013/06/07/3332399/teen-boy-wounded-by-gunfire-at.html#storylink=cpy

4-year old Maine boy brings gun to daycare in backpack for six days before being discovered

A 4-year old boy at a daycare in Hallowell, Maine, was discovered to have a loaded handgun in his backpack.

It turns out the boy had the gun for six days.  

The father, who owned the gun, had put the gun in the boy's backpack when leaving his truck, intending to remove it once getting inside the home, but forgot all about it.

The father has been charged with "reckless conduct", a misdemeanor, and will be able to possess guns again.

The father had previously threatened to shoot the family dog, according to his ex-wife.

From an article:
On April 23, a worker at Rollins Family Child Care Center in Hallowell found a loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the boy's backpack. .... 
The charge alleges that Keene, who works as a dispatcher for the Somerset County Communications Center, "did recklessly create a substantial risk of serious bodily injury" to the boy. 
"It's more that he misplaced his weapon and didn't know where it was," Maloney said. "Misplacing it in his son's daycare bag is reckless. I'm convinced it was not intentional -- that's why it's not a felony." 
The gun was removed from the premises, and Hallowell police were called. Hallowell Police Chief Eric Nason said at the time that the gun's safety was on, but a round was in the chamber. 
Later that day, the boy's mother, Heidi Lynn Johnson, of Hallowell, alleged in an affidavit seeking a protection from abuse order in Augusta District Court that "the gun was brought in the bag to day care on at least three occasions. It was available to my son for six days as he had access to the day care bag." 
The boy uses the travel bag to carry belongings between the homes of his parents. 
She also indicated that Keene "kept a loaded gun in the house and pointed it at the family dog threatening to kill him." 
Johnson said after telling Keene that the gun was found in the bag at day care, she asked why he was not using the gun safe she bought for him, but received no response. 
Johnson got a temporary protection order, but two weeks later successfully requested the court dismiss both her complaint and the temporary order. In asking for the dismissal, she said the district attorney's office and the child protective services department were investigating the incident. 
The termination of that order on May 9 meant Keene could possess firearms again.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

14-year old girl shot and injured in Ohio park

A 14-year old girl was shot in a park, in Mt. Healthy, Ohio.  Police feel she was not the intended target.

This happened next door to a festival that was occuring at the time.

From a news article and video:
The shooting happened at the same time as the Assumption School festival, which was held next to the park. 
Officers said the victim was a 14-year-old girl. They do not believe she was the intended target. 
Police dispersed nearly 300 juveniles from the scene. 
The victim was was taken to UC Medical Center. Police said her injuries were not life-threatening. 
Officers at the scene said they were looking for two suspects who they consider armed.  
They were only described as black males. So far, no one was in custody in connection with the shooting.
Bullets don't know when to stop.

Boy and woman shot in Visalia, California

A boy and a woman were shot, along with multiple cars, in Visalia, California.

From an article:
Officers were called about 11 p.m. to the area of Conyer and Vine regarding shots being fired. When they arrived, officers found a boy, whose age was not released, suffering from a gunshot wound. They later discovered a woman who was also in the area of the shooting, had been transported to Kaweah Delta Medical Center for treatment. 
Police found two vehicles had also been shot and multiple bullet holes in nearby homes. 
Both victims are expected to recover from their injuries.

9-year old Chicago boy injured when 16-year old opens fire on his car

Tykeece Hilliard, age 9
A 9-year old Chicago boy, Tykeece Hilliard, was riding with his mother, an adult friend of his
mother's, and five other children, when a 16-year old opened fire on the car, apparently aiming at the friend.  At least five shots were fired, one of which hit and injured Tykeece.

From an article:
Police believe Tykeece Hilliard was shot by an attacker who had been aiming at a friend of his mother as they drove on the South Side.
Police detectives questioned a 16-year-old suspect in the shooting Saturday, sources said. 
Tykeece, who was in the car with his mother, his siblings, and the man, shouted "Mommy, I'm shot," and his mother drove him to Comer Children's Hospital, about a mile and a half away. He underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the chest and police said he is expected to survive. 
At the time of the shooting, other children were in the car but they were not hit, police said. 
The boy's mother told police she was driving near East 67th Street and South Evans Avenue about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when she heard as many as five gunshots.
Police said someone on the street had either spotted the boyfriend in the front seat or recognized the red Aveo and opened fire, hitting the boy. The boyfriend fled the car as the mother drove to the hospital, police said. 
After the shooting, Tynisha Hilliard drove as fast as she could to Comer Children's Hospital. 
"My reaction was to save my son. That's all I can do, save my son," Tynisha Hilliard said Thursday.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

4 year old Arizona boy accidentally shoots and kills father

A four year old boy, visiting a friend in Arizona with his father, found a loaded gun and accidentally shot and killed his father:
Prescott Valley Police say that an adult male was shot by his son Friday afternoon in an accidental shooting.
The victim has been identified as 35-year-old Justin Stanfield Thomas.
Officers responded to a Prescott Valley residence about 12:30 p.m. for a shots fired call. According to PVPD, Thomas' 4-year-old son accidentally shot him.
The boy somehow got ahold of a handgun in the living room and it discharged, hitting his father in the torso.
Thomas was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries where he was pronounced dead.
There was another adult male in the home at the time, but he was not involved in the shooting and has been cleared from suspicion. We've learned that man lived at the home and was a former roommate of Thomas. Thomas and his son were visiting after driving up from Phoenix.
We were told it was an unexpected visit, so that may be why a gun had been left out.
The child was taken to the police substation to undergo interviews. It didn't appear that he realized what he did.
"At this point there is no indication of any foul play," said Prescott Valley Police spokesperson Brandon Bonney. "But again once investigators go through the residence... and fully process it they'll look and see if there's any negligence involved... but it's something we won't know for some time now."
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Texas 13 year old shot accidentally by her brother

A Texas teen was cleaning his AK-47 and when it discharged accidentally, the bullet killed his 13 year old sister:
Another tragic accidental shooting, this one in Texas: Emilee Bates was accidentally killed by her step-brother on her 13th birthday Tuesday. Police say Austin McCord, 19, was clearing his AK-47 at the time. He ejected two dummy rounds that were above the loaded magazine, then pulled the trigger in what he believed was a safe move, NBC 5 reports. The sheriff explains that "once you've emptied the weapon, it's always safer to get the pressure off of the trigger, and that's what he thought he was doing." But McCord forgot about the loaded magazine, and the gun went off, shooting Emilee in the stomach.
"He believed he was making the weapon safe by pulling the trigger to drop the bolt on an empty chamber," the sheriff's office said in a statement obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Police were called to the home around 8:30pm, where the step-siblings were alone; Emilee had been studying. The seventh-grader died in a Fort Worth hospital around 10pm. The case is considered an accident, and police say no charges will be filed.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Wisconsin father charged after 4 year old brought loaded gun to preschool

(UPDATED -- see below)

A Wisconsin father has been charged after a loaded gun was found in his 4 year old son's backpack. From an article:
The father of a 4-year-old boy who brought a loaded gun to a Hallowell day care center in April has been charged with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor charge.
Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said Wednesday that Adam J. Keene, 31, of Madison, has been served with a summons to appear in court.
On April 23, a worker at Rollins Family Child Care Center in Hallowell found a loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the boy's backpack.
"All weapons are toys to children, so parents have to take care of them," Maloney said. "By failing to keep control of his weapon, Mr. Keene acted in a reckless manner that could have ended in tragedy, not only for his family, but for an entire daycare. That's why I decided to bring the charge."
The charge alleges that Keene, who works as a dispatcher for the Somerset County Communications Center, "did recklessly create a substantial risk of serious bodily injury" to the boy.
"It's more that he misplaced his weapon and didn't know where it was," Maloney said. "Misplacing it in his son's daycare bag is reckless. I'm convinced it was not intentional -- that's why it's not a felony."
The gun was removed from the premises, and Hallowell police were called. Hallowell Police Chief Eric Nason said at the time that the gun's safety was on, but a round was in the chamber.
Philip Mohlar, Keene's attorney, said his client is upset about what happened.
"He does not know how it ended up in the bag," Mohlar said. "He was very upset obviously, and horrified, to think of what could have happened and is grateful that nothing did."
Later that day, the boy's mother, Heidi Lynn Johnson, of Hallowell, alleged in an affidavit seeking a protection from abuse order in Augusta District Court that "the gun was brought in the bag to day care on at least three occasions. It was available to my son for six days as he had access to the day care bag."
The boy uses the travel bag to carry belongings between the homes of his parents.
She also indicated that Keene "kept a loaded gun in the house and pointed it at the family dog threatening to kill him."
Johnson said after telling Keene that the gun was found in the bag at day care, she asked why he was not using the gun safe she bought for him, but received no response.
Johnson got a temporary protection order, but two weeks later successfully requested the court dismiss both her complaint and the temporary order. In asking for the dismissal, she said the district attorney's office and the child protective services department were investigating the incident.
The termination of that order on May 9 meant Keene could possess firearms again.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

UPDATE (8/13/13):  The father, Adam Keene, was given a slap on the wrist for nearly killing his son or other kids in the class by allowing a loaded handgun to be in the boy's backpack.  According to an article:
The father of a 4-year-old who brought a loaded handgun to day care in Maine has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor reckless conduct, claiming the incident was unintentional. .... 
Maloney said she chose not to pursue felony charges because she believed the incident was an accident. She said in a phone interview that the state had extended a plea offer to Keene, who has not yet responded to it. 
"If I thought that he'd intended to have the gun go to day care, this would be a very different case," said Maloney. "But I'm optimistic we'll be able to come to some common ground."

Thus, the man will be able to continue owning a gun...  and potentially making the same mistake, or worse.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

13 year old Nevada girl accidentally shoots herself

A 13-year-old girl died after an accidental shooting Tuesday afternoon in the southern valley.
Metro Police were investigating the shooting, which occurred about 3:25 p.m. in the 1600 block of Littlecrow Avenue, near West Pebble Road and Spencer Street. Sgt. John Sheahan, a Metro spokesman, said the shooting involved two 13-year-olds.
The victim was transported to University Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead.
The incident took place on Littlecrow, a cul-de-sac just east of the 215 Beltway. Officer Larry Hadfield, another Metro spokesman, said he was not sure whether the shooting was inside a residence or outside.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

ADDENDUM (6/9/13):  From a related article:
Friends of both girls were shocked by Mohler’s death. “We were making summer plans just last week,” one of the girls who was friends with Mohler said. “She could make anybody smile in a second.” 
The girls described Mohler as the class clown who would entertain them with her antics. “She was really outgoing and bright,” another girl said. “She was friends with everyone. She was loud and funny.” 
“We knew her so well,” one said. “You see it on the news and you think it would never happen to us. We never thought it would happen to someone in our school. We weren’t ready for this.” 
Police have been to the residence twice in the past, according to a neighbor two houses down, who wished to remain anonymous. He said three kids ranging from mid-to-late teens to elementary school-age live there. 
“(People) will be looking at the parents,” he said. “Why was the gun out? Even in a house full of adults, a gun should have a lock on it always. It’s turning into a big thing.” There were two other juveniles in the home at the time of the shooting, and it was not clear if any adults were in the residence.

10 year old Utah boy dies after accidental gun discharge

There has been another accidental shooting of a child. This time it was a 10 year old in Utah who was playing in a garage with other kids when they found a gun. He died of his gunshot injuries. From the article:
A 10-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the chest Tuesday afternoon at a Miramar Ranch condominium complex while playing in a garage that a resident described as a “clubhouse” for kids in the close-knit neighborhood.
The shooting was reported about 4:15 p.m., and the boy died shortly afterward at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego police homicide Lt. Jorge Duran said.
The boy had been playing in the garage with a 9-year-old girl who lives in the condo, Duran said. Her 14-year-old brother was in charge of them and there were no adults home at the time, police said.
A garage-door repairman who identified himself only as Mark said he was working outside at a neighboring condo, on Ivy Hill Drive near Scripps Poway Parkway, when he heard a single gunshot and a girl screaming. He rushed to the garage just feet away.
He saw the injured boy and called 911. A dispatcher instructed him on how to perform CPR, and he began chest compressions, he said.
The boy’s mother and father came running from their condo, several doors down. He said the father cradled his son’s head as CPR continued. A police officer arrived moments later, and she took over CPR until paramedics arrived, he said.
Neighbor Mike Mee also rushed to the scene. He had been outside washing his trash cans when he heard a pop, not knowing at first it was a gunshot. He said the boy was on the garage floor in the fetal position and was not moving. The girl was “crying and very upset,” he said.
Police found a 9 mm semi-automatic gun at the scene, police Acting Capt. Joseph Ramos said. There was a couch in the garage, along with boxes and clothing, Ramos said.
Mee said he saw the gun on the couch.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Monday, June 3, 2013

17 year old Tennessee teen dies after being shot in head outside of gas station

A BP gas station was the scene of a shooting last week-end where a 17 year old teen was shot in the head and later died of his injuries:
Brownsville Police say more than 20 shots pierced the darkness on Norris Street in Brownsville, Friday night. Neighbors say they ran inside to avoid the gun fire that left one seventeen year old with critically wounded. 
Monica West lives on Norris Street and heard the gun shots. 
"We thought it was a fire cracker, but it was a gun going off. We couldn't tell what direction it was coming from so we just stayed in the house last night till it was over with," she said.
Brownsville Police said around 9:15 P.M. they received reports of shots being fired. A few minutes later they received an emergency call from a BP gas station saying a male victim had been shot in the head. 
Lt. Chuck Willis says the shooting happened on Norris street and why the teenagers drove from the scene of the crime about a tenth of a mile to the nearby gas station is still under investigation.
Lt. Willis says after questioning the seventeen year old driver of the car he was taken into custody. He is currently being held at a Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center. 
"The juvenile that's in custody now was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a hand gun," Willis said. 
Willis says Brownsville Police worked both the gas station and Norris Street crime scenes until around 5:00 A.M. He believes more shooters may have been involved because more than twenty shots were fired. 
"I think it's more sad than anything, maybe not surprising but saddening. These are two individuals who haven't even started their lives yet," he said. 
Both the teen arrested as well as the gun shot victim are seventeen and from Hardeman County. The victim was airlifted to the Med in Memphis and died over the weekend
"We just gotta pray for these kids and just pray everything will be alright because we got way to many young folk dying on the streets now," neighbor Monica West said. 
Brownsville Police say they are still investigating what the teenagers were doing in the city. 
"This violent act may end one life and will definitely or possibly end another for the rest of his life in prison," Lt. Willis said.
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

Missouri 14 year old shot outside of a house party

A 14 year old St. Louis area teen was shot and injured outside of a house party last week:
A teenager was shot outside a north St Louis County home Thursday night.
Police say they responded to the residence in the 10,500 block of Renfrew Drive around 10:30 p.m. and found a large party taking place.
Investigators were called because of someone armed with a weapon at the home.  The unidentified 14 year old victim was shot in the hip according to police and taken to the hospital.
Witnesses told officers the attack occurred outside the home but had not information on who the shooter was.  A motive for the attack was unclear.
The victim is reported to be a resident in the same neighborhood where the party was underway.  He is expected to survive.

Unidentified Philadelphia teen found shot dead on sidewalk

A teen-ager was found dead on a Philadelphia neighborhood sidewalk last week-end. His exact age and name are unknown:
Police were called to Arrott Street near Penn, about a block from the Margaret-Orthodox El station, at 9:43 p.m. and found the victim lying on the sidewalk bleeding from at least one gunshot wound to the torso, Chief Inspector Scott Small said. Medics pronounced him dead there at 9:51 p.m.
Police said the victim appeared to be very young and estimated that he was between 15 and 19 years old. He remained a John Doe around 10:30 p.m., and cops were unsure who shot him or why. Small said he had a bag with him and an iPod with headphones when he was found.

New Mexico girl, 8, shot and killed while sitting in a car

An 8 year old girl was driving in a car outside of a New Mexico community center when someone shot at the car. She died later. From an article:
Police say an 8-year-old Albuquerque girl has been killed a day before her birthday following a shooting near an Albuquerque community center.
KOB-TV reports (http://bit.ly/119p5FN) that Albuquerque police said that Sunni Rae Reza was shot Friday as a man, the girl and the girl's father were driving near the Alamosa Community Center. That when police say someone began shooting at the vehicle.
It's unclear the motive for the shooting.
Police say the man driving the car dropped off Reza at the fire station down the road and left.
According to authorities, Reza was transported to a nearby hospital where she later died.
Police say the suspects in the case were three or four men — all dressed in black.
No arrests have been made.

11 year old New York girl left paralyzed after struck by stray bullet

An 11 year old girl was shot in New York by a stray bullet and left paralyzed. The shooter was a 17 year old boy. From an article:
"A Brooklyn teen has been charged in the shooting of an 11-year-old girl that
from nydailynews.com
could have left her paralyzed.
Cops said Kane Cooper, 17, was apprehended after being observed on surveillance video following the Friday night shooting that struck Taylonni Mazyck.
Mazyck was hit in the neck as she ran to escape the hail of bullets. She fell to the ground after being struck.
It may be the last move she will ever make.
Taylonni was outside her Gates Ave. home in Bedford-Stuyvesant with her mother and 7-month-old niece about 8:30 p.m. when Cooper allegedly started shooting and hit her with a blast that may have left her paralyzed, police and shattered family members said.
Cooper has been charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and criminal use of a firearm.
“We heard shots,” said Taylonni’s mother, Priscilla Samuel, 46. “They came out of nowhere. We tried to run, but my daughter Tu-Tu fell down.”
Samuel ran over to grab Taylonni and saw the young girl was bleeding.
“She was calling out to me, ‘Mommy, Mommy,’” she said. “I saw the bullet in my baby’s face and I went crazy. Everything I learned as a nurse’s tech went out the window.”
Paramedics rushed Taylonni to Kings County Hospital, where doctors told Samuel her daughter may be paralyzed from the neck down. The bullet, doctors explained, is lodged in a vertebra of her neck.
Taylonni’s sister Latavia Fields, 26, said at the hospital that her family had just moved to Gates Ave., near Throop Ave. They thought the neighborhood was safe because an NYPD “Sky Watch” tower, which takes photos and video for blocks in every direction, stands across the street. An NYPD spokesman could not confirm Friday whether a Sky Watch tower is located near the shooting scene.
“There were cops on the block all day long,” Fields claimed. “What were they doing?”
“We were in the right place at the wrong time,” Fields said. “Why can’t we be out in front of our own home enjoying the breeze? There is no justice when this can happen to an 11-year-old girl.”"
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

2 year old girl injured in Texas

A 2 year old Texas girl was shot in her home and was taken to a hospital where she is expected to live:
A 2-year-old girl was airlifted to a Temple hospital after she was shot in a north Killeen home Friday morning.
Police and paramedics were called to the home in the 1700 block of North 24th Street at 11:02 a.m. to respond to reports of a shooting. According to police, the child was inside the home with her mother and another child, who was not injured, at the time of the incident.
The mother contacted 911 and attended to the child until paramedics arrived and took over, according to a news release from the Killeen Police Department.
Killeen police spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said the circumstances of the shooting are under investigation, but she confirmed that the weapon was a handgun.
The girl was airlifted to the McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White in Temple. Late Friday afternoon, the girl was in surgery and listed in stable condition, according to police.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Minnesota father of 4 year old who shot brother accidentally found guilty

Minnesota is a state with a Child Access Prevention Law. A father has now been found guilty of leaving a loaded, unsecured gun where his 4 year son found it and then shot his brother:
The grieving father knew he made mistakes that allowed his 4-year-old son to find an unsecured handgun and shoot and kill his younger brother. Still, he maintained that what happened was an accident, not a crime.
It’s why he rejected several plea deals from prosecutors that likely would have kept him out of prison in exchange for admitting to a felony. Xiong took his case to trial, trusting a jury to see things the way he did.
The strategy failed Friday when a jury convicted him of two felony counts of second-degree manslaughter and two gross-misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, leaving Xiong stunned and facing a possible four-year prison sentence. His mother wailed and his brother cursed the judge and jury as deputies led him away. Members of the jury quietly walked out of the courtroom, brushing tears from their eyes.
Xiong was acquitted of a third gross- misdemeanor child endangerment count.
It was a dramatic end to an emotionally wrenching case that began when Neegnco, 2, was shot in the chest on Dec. 5, 2012, by his older brother, who was playing with a loaded handgun in an upstairs bedroom while their parents were downstairs making lunch.
He died at the scene.
“Our position is this has always been an accident, and it has never been about manslaughter,” said his attorney, Steve Meshbesher, adding that a juror told him he was sorry. “What does that tell you? It tells me a mistake was made in the courtroom.” (...) 
The gun was one of eight that police found in Xiong’s south Minneapolis home, where the family’s four children lived.
Meshbesher countered that the gun was safely hidden between the headboard and the mattress in a holster, and although loaded, it was not likely to be found by the 4-year-old.
The conviction calls for four years in prison under state guidelines, although Judge Daniel Moreno will make the final decision when Xiong is sentenced June 27. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that the case is the fourth in recent years involving a child hurt or killed by a gun carelessly left out by a father or other male and that there was little hesitation when it came to charging Xiong.
“We need to send messages,” Freeman said. “We’re not looking for profound penalties for these people. We’re looking for messages: Don’t keep loaded handguns accessible to kids.”
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.