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Sunday, June 17, 2012

10-year old Florida girl threatened by man with shotgun

A 10-year old girl was talking on a cell phone outside her Greenacres, Florida home when a man, Stephen Michael Yeatts, approached her and threatened her with a 12-gauge shotgun.  Police arrived and questioned the man in his home.  He lunged for the loaded gun, but officers got it away from him and arrested him.  It isn't known why he threatened the girl.  He also had another firearm in the home.

From an article:
Yeatts looked at the girl, the report said. He did not point the weapon at her but told her he was not joking, according to the report. The girl ran inside to get her father.
It was not clear from the report why Yeatts allegedly threatened the girl.
When officers arrived, they made contact with Yeatts at his apartment. He agreed to let an officer come inside. The officer saw a 12-gauge shotgun leaned against the wall near the front door.
The officer ordered Yeatts to step away from the gun, but Yeatts instead lunged over to the weapon and grabbed it, the report said. The officer grabbed the barrel of the shotgun with one hand and grabbed Yeatts and took him to the ground with the other, the report said.
While they were on the floor, the officer pulled the shotgun away from Yeatts and slid it across the floor. A second officer arrived to help search Yeatts for any other weapons.

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