Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

7-year old Florida boy and three other children watch as man shoots boy's mother and then himself

A 7-year old Tampa, Florida, boy had just spent time with his father Guillermo Garcia in south Florida when he was being dropped off with his mother, Okariny Diaz.  The boy got into his mother's van, where she was in the driver's seat.  Also in the van were three girls, ages 10, 14, and 14, and two other adults.

After their son got into the van, Garcia and Diaz got into an argument.  That's when Garcia pulled out a handgun and killed Diaz, then fatally shot himself in the head, all while their son and the other passengers watched.

From an article:

They got into an argument, McKinnon said, and Garcia pulled out a handgun, shot Diaz multiple times and then shot himself. Both died at the scene, McKinnon said. 
Garcia had dropped off their son, and the boy had entered a van where Diaz was sitting in the driver's seat. When the shooting occurred, the van also was occupied by a 10-year-old girl, two 14-year-old girls and two other adults. The other children weren't related to Diaz, the sheriff's office said. 
"I knew right away the kids were OK because I saw them jumping out of the car," witness Jessica Hernandez said. "But how did he do it in front of the kids? Sad. Really sad." 
Hernandez was at her apartment complex next door to the Village Inn when she heard shots and commotion just before 1 p.m. 
She looked at the restaurant parking lot and saw children anxiously trying to escape a van. People were screaming and crying. She then saw the gunman shoot himself in the head. 
He quickly shot himself after shooting Diaz. 
"It was really fast," she said.


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