Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

11-year old Washington girl and mother shot to death by father

Violet Holmes, age 11
Dean Holmes, 40, was facing financial problems.  He then took out his frustrations by shooting to death his wife, Kristi Holmes, while his daughter, 11-year old Violet Holmes and one of her friends slept in another room.  He then took his daughter and her friend out to drop off the friend at her home, then shot his daughter to death, too, while in the car.  He then stopped for fast food before going home and spending hours trying to clean the crime scenes.  Eventually he turned himself in to police and confessed his crime.

From an article:
According to detectives, Holmes shot and killed his wife in her sleep on Tues., Aug. 28 and then woke up Violet and her friend, who was sleeping over. He drove his daughter's young friend back to her Auburn home then drove around with Violet in the car before shooting and killing her inside of it. 
Detectives say he then stopped at a fast food restaurant, bought a meal and took his daughter's body home and placed her in bed with his dead wife. After several hours of attempting to clean up the evidence, he turned himself in at the Pierce County Jail. 
According to the Department of Revenue, Holmes owed more than $18,000 in unpaid back taxes for his painting business. He had financial issues, was lying to his wife and had at least one unhappy customer in Puyallup after he left a job unfinished, according to multiple sources.

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