Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mother of Connecticut girl shot by brother believes her daughter's death was part of a plan

The mother of a 6 year old Connecticut girl who was shot to death by her older brother is now saying she believes the accident was a plan for her daughter. From the article:
The mother of a six-year-old girl who was killed when her brother's hunting rifle accidentally went off says nothing could have been done to prevent her daughter's from dying.
Haydee Stanovich made a shocking statement about little Jenn's death, saying it was 'God's call' that she took a bullet to her chest when a loaded gun fell off a bed and fired. 
Ms Stanovich says she spoke with her daughter 30 minutes before the accident and has concluded that it must have been the six-year-old's time to die.  
'It was God's call. There was no way around it,' Mrs Stanovich told the Hartford Courant. 
Mrs Stanovich's husband Richard had taken Jenn and her brother Charles, 13, to visit their grandmother in Culloden, Georgia, when her daughter was shot. Mrs Stanovich was at the family's home in Connecticut working. 
Mrs Stanovich said her daughter seemed to have a preternatural sense that something was going to happen. 
After her death, her family found a notepad filled with chilling notes Jenn had written. (...) 
Half an hour after Jenn hung up the phone with her mother, her brother Charles came into the house with a .22-caliber rifle he had used to hunt armadillos in his grandmother's backyard. 
He later told police he thought he had unloaded to firearm and put it on the bed. When he accidentally knocked it off, fired. The bullet struck Jenn in the chest. 
Her father held her in his arms until paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital, where she died. 
Two hours after Mrs Stanovich heard her six-year-old daughter contemplate her own death, her husband called to say Jenn was dead. 
Mrs Stanovich said her son is devastated by the accident and he hasn't been able to speak with his mother since it happened. 
'I think he feels uncomfortable around me. He feels he took my baby away from me, he told me that. But it was an accident,' she told the Courant. 
'We really believe it was God's decision. God wanted her home, he called her home.'
Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

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