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Friday, August 31, 2012

Grandfather caught with loaded handgun at school after confrontation

A grandfather got into an argument with a student in the parking lot of Pattonville High School, in Pattonville, Missouri, after his granddaughter was in a car accident there, and verbally threatened the student.  When authorities investigated, they found that the grandfather had a loaded handgun in his car, against school policy.  Luckily, the argument had not escalated to the point where he threatened the student with it.

From an article:

Police arrested the grandfather of a Pattonville High School student after an argument in the parking lot this afternoon. 
According to Pattonville school district officials, the grandfather came to the school and verbally threatened a student after his granddaughter got into a car accident in the parking lot. 
The Maryland Heights police arrested the man after officers discovered the grandfather was carrying a loaded handgun. Although he made a threat against the student, he never showed the handgun to the student or flourished it in any way, officials said. Weapons are not permitted on campus, even for those with legal conceal-carry permits.


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