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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Man brings gun to Georgia high school open house and flees

An unknown man, who wasn't a student, brought a 9mm handgun to a high school open house, in Decatur, Georgia, hidden in a skullcap.  When he was caught with the gun, a struggle ensued and the gun was taken away from him, but the man escaped.  Parents are now worried about the start of school there.

From an article:
According to the police report, the principal noticed the man acting odd, and asked him to leave.
"The man had a gun in a skull cap. There was an apparent struggle between the two over the skull cap, the suspect fled and the teacher (principal) was able to recover the weapon," said district spokesperson Jeff Dickerson.
The district wouldn't let us see the surveillance video, but says it has several vague images of the suspect walking around campus. With the man's motives, or even identity unknown, we asked if the district would have extra security on Monday.
Some parents brought up the idea of metal detectors, wondering if the time had come for the district to use them in all the schools.
"We've got to do what's best for these students. We're all on different levels in life so you never know what this child went through at home or possessing him to bring a weapon to school," said parents Melissa Moore.
The district stresses to parents the man with gun is not believed to be a student. Still some parents say it's a safety measure the district should consider. 


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