Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

13 year old New York boy shoots himself on quiet street

Suicide by gun is the most frequent cause of gun deaths. This rural New York boy shot himself in the head on a quiet street of his town. 
A teenage altar boy committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on a quiet village street.  
Hundreds attended the funeral of 13-year-old William Rudloff on Monday.
His distraught mother asked the congregation to focus on how her son had lived and not on his death. 
Police have closed the investigation into the teenager's death on August 2 which left his small community reeling.
William walked out into the street, close to his home in Sloatsburg, New York and fired a gun at his head. 
He died two days later in Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla.
Officials said there was no criminal wrongdoing, calling the death a 'tragedy'.
More will likely be revealed about this sad and tragic case. It seems as if this shooting was pretty unexpected to the boy's family and friends but there were some family problems. From the article:
photo from linked article
The death of the Suffern Middle School student has left the small community in shock as they believed the young man to be a popular athlete with plenty of friends.
Reverend D. Francis Dias, of St Joan of Arc Church, told Journal News last week that he had trained William as an altar boy for five years.
The priest said that the teenager had stopped coming to church last year because he was experiencing family problems.
Every gun in the hands of a child or teen must through pass through the hands of an adult.

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