Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missouri mom kills herself and two young children

We hate to have to write about sad and senseless incidents like this one. A Missouri woman who was struggling with depression bought a gun a few days ago and shot herself and her two young children while her husband was in another area of the home:
Mitchell Murch II called police Monday to report that he heard shots. Police who responded found 42-year-old Catherine Murch in the kitchen, 10-year-old Mitchell Murch III elsewhere on the first floor and 8-year-old Mary Claire Murch on the second floor of the house the well-to-do suburb of Glendale.
Police questioned Mitchell Murch II but said they believed the case was a murder-suicide. Still, nearly two dozen investigators with the St. Louis Area Major Case Squad were assigned to the case.
During an emotional news conference Friday, Lt. Tim Fagan said although investigators were still awaiting toxicology results, they were confident the shooting was a murder-suicide, as was originally reported. He pointed to three key pieces of evidence in determining that Catherine Murch was responsible for the shootings: an autopsy suggesting her wounds were self-inflicted, a receipt showing she bought the handgun used in the shootings from a St. Louis business two days earlier, and her longtime battle with depression. He said no suicide note was found.
Fagan said Catherine Murch had been fighting depression for several years but her condition seemed worse recently. He also said the family had been under some financial strain but didn't elaborate.
"She was having a difficult time," Fagan said.
Fagan said the size of the investigation was necessary to "get a very clear understanding of what happened." He had to stop and compose himself for several seconds when asked why Catherine Murch killed her children as well as herself.
"I have a picture of someone who loved her children very much. I know that's difficult for all of us...." He paused and appeared to be choking up. "Difficult for all of us to understand."
Fagan said the shootings happened in quick succession. Mitchell Murch III was shot several times, but Mary Claire and Catherine Murch were both killed by single shots.

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