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Monday, December 3, 2012

13-year old Indiana girl threatened with gun to do sex acts

A 13-year old girl was in her home in Valparaiso, Indiana, when a man who was staying in the home, Wayne Han II, came into her room and threatened her with a gun, wanting her to do sex acts.  Luckily he backed down without forcing her to do so.  She then reported the incident and he was arrested.

From an article:

Police were notified about the allegations after the purported victim, who is 13, shared the story with two friends. They then went to a middle school counselor, according to authorities. 
The girl told her friends Han came into her bedroom during the early morning hours, climbed on top of her, placed a hand over her mouth and stuck the gun to her head, according to charging information. Han reportedly told the girl he wanted to touch her sexually. 
The girl said she was allowed to go to the bathroom and then reported the incident to her mother. Han told the girl's mother he went to the bedroom because he thought the girl was having a nightmare, police said. 
The girl said when she returned home from school, Han's mother and sister were at the house and had taken Han's guns away. 
Police said they interviewed Han on Friday and he said he woke Thursday morning with suicidal thoughts. While contemplating whether to kill himself, he reportedly heard a thud in the girl's room and decided he wanted to be with her more than he wanted to die. 
He admitted to the accusations and said he decided not to molest the girl because she asked not to be touched, police said. Han reportedly told police he had propositioned the girl two months earlier.


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