Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby injured and mother killed in D.C. domestic violence shooting

Kodie Brown, age 1 
A woman holding a baby was in an argument with a man, in Washington, D.C., and he didn't want her to get on a city bus.  

The woman, 20-year old Selina Brown, holding her 1-year old girl, Kodie, in her arms, got on the bus anyway.  That's when the baby's father, 27-year old Javon Foster, pulled out a handgun and shot Selina in the face, killing her on the bus.

The bullet also sliced open the side of Kodie's face, which will require reconstructive surgery.

Foster then left, fleeing to New York with the wife of his other child, and later committed suicide.

Brown had filed restraining orders against Foster, and was trying to escape from him.

From an article:

Kodie survived the shooting that claimed her mother's life, but she was injured. The family says a bullet sliced right across the middle of the little girl's face. The suspect is the child's father, they add. 
Ferguson continued, "She's in stable condition. She is going to need to a lot of prayers and reconstructive surgery." 
Sunday night, Brown was visiting a friend in Southeast and was on her way home when there was an encounter with Foster. Witnesses say the two were arguing at the bus stop on Minnesota Avenue and 18th Street. 
Sources say the murder was caught on surveillance video. Just as Brown got on the bus, Foster stepped in, pulled out a gun and shot Brown in the face. He continued shooting her before fleeing.


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