Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Three small children shot, one killed, among mass shooting victims at Tule Reservation

Hector Celaya, a resident at the Tule Indian Reservation in central California opened fire on his family's travel trailor.  He shot and killed his mother and two uncles and his son, 6-year old Andrew.

He then fled with his daughters, 8-year old Alyssa and 5-year old Linea.  He then shot and killed Alyssa, and seriously wounded Linea.

Hector then got into a firefight with reservation police and was subsequently killed.

From an article:

Police say Celaya opened fire in a travel trailer on the reservation of about 800 people on Saturday night, killing his mother and two uncles. He left behind his seriously wounded 6-year-old son Andrew. He took with him Alyssa, whose name is tattooed on his right leg, and his other daughter, 5-year-old Linea. 
Sheriff's spokeswoman Chris Douglass said it was unclear when Celaya shot his daughters. .... 
Authorities said the bodies of Irene Celaya and her 61-year-old brother Francisco Moreno were found in the trailer. The body of their 53-year-old brother, Bernard Franco, was in a shed that was a makeshift bedroom. 
Hunter said Irene took care of her brothers and extended family. .... 
Deputies found Celaya by tracking his cellphone. A chase ensued, though Celaya never exceeded the speed limit, and he eventually pulled over in the heart of citrus country outside the tiny community of Lindsay. Celaya opened fire, prompting deputies to shoot back, Douglass said. 
The church bells of Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church toll slowly when a tribal member dies, and the mournful sound echoes through the canyon where the reservation sits. It's how the word is spread. They rang out five different times on Sunday. ....
"The community is peaceful one, and the tribe tries to teach children to be nonviolent," said Tribal Council Secretary Rhoda Hunter. "We teach our children to not even kill insects. The battle between good and evil is there. Bad is always going to be there. I tell my grandkids that. I tell them to work for good."


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