Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

16-year old Minnesota girl shot by grandfather who mistook her for an intruder

A 16-year old girl, who lives with her grandparents in Rochester, Minnesota, stepped outside around 11 PM.  Her grandfather, not realizing she had stepped outside, heard her and thought she was an intruder on the porch.  He armed himself with a 9mm pistol and shot her in the upper torso without warning.

She is now in the hospital in critical condition.

From an article:

When the couple went to bed Monday night, the girl was still at home, Winters said. When they woke to a noise outside around 11 p.m., the man armed himself with a 9 mm pistol and went to investigate while the grandmother called police. 
The man saw a figure at the patio door and fired two rounds, striking his granddaughter once, Winters said, declining to give the family's name. 
"This is a tragic event and both the grandfather and grandmother were distraught and emotionally upset," he said. 
There was no evidence of any dispute or disagreement between the girl and her grandparents, Winters added. Police haven't been able to speak to the girl yet, who was responsive but not verbal. 
"Preliminary indications are she perhaps left the residence to go outside and get some air and have a cigarette," Winters said. 
The grandfather was not arrested, but authorities will continue to investigate and, if appropriate, will forward the case to prosecutors for potential criminal charges, Winters said.

UPDATE (1/18/13):  The grandaughter eventually recovered.  The grandfather, Stanley W. Wilkinson, has now been charged with a felony for the shooting.  From an article:

According to the criminal complaint, Wilkinson, 61, said his granddaughter went to her bedroom about 10 p.m. on Dec. 10. At about 11:30, he and his wife woke to noises like the crunching of snow outside their bedroom window. 
Looking out the window, Wilkinson said he saw a figure moving in the dark with what appeared to be a lit flashlight. Without his glasses, he said, he can't see very well. 
Thinking that someone was breaking into their house, Wilkinson said he got his pistol and told his wife to call the police. 
Wilkinson said he turned on the living room lights to scare off the intruder, then switched them off. 
Seeing that the person outside was trying to come in, he backed up and fired his gun through the closed door, later acknowledging to police that he didn't give a warning. But the shot didn't appear to stop the person from trying to open the door, he said, so he shot again. 
Then he heard his granddaughter's voice: "Poppa!" she yelled. 
Before the tragedy unfurled, the granddaughter had gone to her room after coming home at about 9 p.m. that night, she told police in an interview Dec. 20. An hour later, she left the house without telling her grandparents so she could meet up with a couple of friends. As she tried to sneak back into the house an hour later, she noticed the light in her grandparents' bedroom was on so she tried to be quiet. But the snow crunched, she said. 
Standing on the deck, her iPhone illuminated, she saw the living room lights go on, then off. She looked through the sliding-door glass, figuring that her grandparents knew she was gone and were waiting for her. As she peered through the glass, she heard the shots and saw a flash. 
Wilkinson began rescue breathing. According to the 911 transcripts, the pastor's wife begged for help in saving her granddaughter. "She's bleeding, bleeding bad!" she tells the dispatcher. "Please save her!" 
As Wilkinson's granddaughter recovered in the hospital in December, the pastor agreed to a short newspaper interview in hopes of cautioning others who might be caught in a similar situation. 
"Even if you have a plan for an emergency, you don't know what you'll do out of fear," he said then. "You just don't know what you'll do when, out of fear you do things that you wish you hadn't ever done."


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