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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12-year old boy threatened by New Hampshire man with realistic BB gun

Ray Ellis, 49, of Laconia, New Hampshire, was at a playground next to a school with his 13 and 16-year old children, when a 12-year old boy started picking on his kids.

Ellis confronted the boy, getting into a heated argument, and told the boy he was a "dead man."  Ellis then went to his car and got out a realistic-looking BB gun.  Naturally, this terrified all the kids at the playground.

He was a previously law-abiding citizen.

From the article:
Ellis allegedly got into a confrontation with a 12-year-old identified as C.K. and at one point reportedly stated that C.K. was a "dead man," according to a police affidavit.
John Reynolds and a friend were playing basketball with some neighborhood kids. He said he saw the whole incident take place. 
"He comes over, gets right in the kid's face, and the kid is like 12 years old -- a lot shorter than him," Reynolds said. "He starts swearing at him, and he goes, 'You're a dead man.'" 
After the confrontation escalated, Ellis reportedly went to his car. Police said he pulled a BB gun out, showed it, but did not point it at anyone. 
Reynolds said he saw Ellis pull something from his glove compartment. 
"I see a black object come out. I can see a trigger, a barrel, and i think, 'Pistol,'" Reynolds said. 
Reynolds said the sight sent the kids into a panic.
Ellis does not have a criminal background.

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