Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

14-year old San Diego boy shot and killed

Richie Carrillo, age 14
14-year old Richie Carrillo was a good kid who wasn't involved in a gang, but when he stayed home yesterday while his mom went out, he stepped outside and was shot to death by two young men who might have been involved in a gang.

From the article:
Dozens of family and friends shared tears and memories around a memorial for Richie Carrillo. "They hurt an innocent child," his mother, Elisa Carrillo said. "He was barely living his life." 
He turned 14 three weeks ago, and he was one of five kids. His younger sister, Amor Carrillo, spoke through tears about him. "My brother... he really was a caring person," Amor said. "He loved everybody. Especially his cousins, his sister, his brother." 
Their mom left to get gas last night. Richie stayed back to look for his older brother. Richie was in the alley with friends when police say two Hispanic males in their 20's pulled up in a dark SUV, jumped out and started shooting. Family tells 10News Richie took a bullet to the neck. 
Police haven't said if gangs may be involved but the Carrillo family seems sure of it. 
"He was against all that," Elise explained. "He didn't like gangs. He didn't like dressing all baggy." 
She said he was the kind of kid who wore skinny jeans and stuck by his mom's side. She said he was so afraid of gangs, he limited his time outside. 
This was the third straight day 10News brought you different families who say their son was not in a gang, and was killed by someone who is. 
UPDATE (3/26/12):  According to this article, Richie was visiting friends.

“He was a happy kid, always smiling,” said his aunt, Lizette Carrillo, who lives at the complex. “I’m thinking wrong place, wrong, time, innocent bystander.”
When the shots were fired, neighbors said children were out playing, and a family was gathered nearby for a birthday celebration.
Robert Montelongo, who lives in a first-floor apartment, said that he heard the gunshots and saw the teenager lying on the ground in the small courtyard at the spot where the altar was set up Sunday at the foot of a flight of stairs.
“He was a good kid. He wouldn’t look for trouble,” said Jonathan Zamora, 14, who remembered playing video games with his friend.
He was a “nice, loving, fun, funny,” said the victim’s younger sister, 11-year-old Love Carrillo.


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