Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shots fired amongst teens in a Greenville, South Carolina park

Roughly 200 teens had gathered and were being dispersed by police at curfew time in a Greenville, South Carolina park when someone fired shots into the air, causing panic.  Luckily, no one was injured.

From the article:

Greenville Police Terri Wilfong says her office is investigating a shooting that occured by the entrance to Falls Park Saturday night.  The incident happened just before 10:00 pm, when the city's downtown curfew goes into effect.  "There was a large group of teens, roughly 200 people, and our officers were trying to disperse them when a fight broke out," says Wilfong.  The Chief says one of the officers then saw someone raise a gun in the air, and fire a shot.  "It was very chaotic," she says.
Wilfong says no one was injured by the gunshot, but one of the officers was knocked down, as teens fled the area.
"We were able to get the situation under control," Wilfong says.

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