Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

12-year old girl witnesses father's shootout with mother and deputies

A 12-year old girl in Laurel, Mississippi called 911 to report a fight between her parents.  When law enforcement arrived, there had been shots fired, and the father showed up at the door with a shotgun.  When he threatened the deputies, they shot and wounded him, but the father continued firing with a handgun.  Luckily, neither the girl nor the deputies were wounded.  The article was unclear about the wife's condition.

Authorities found other guns, as well as bomb-making components.

From the article:
According to Jones County Sheriff's Department Major Robbie Suber, when Jones County deputies arrived at John Griffith road in Laurel they were met by the 12-year-old girl and learned the situation was worse than a dispute.
"There were gun shots fired prior to our arrival at the scene," said Suber.
Meadows is a family practice doctor with an Immediate Care Clinic in Laurel.
"The deputies approached the door and they were met by Roger Meadows. He was brandishing a shot gun at the time. They gave several loud verbal commands for him to drop the weapon," said Suber.
Suber says Meadows didn't put down his gun, but turned it towards one deputy and threatened him.
"He turned the weapon on them. A deputy fired a single shot, which struck Mr. Meadows in the abdomen," said Suber.
Suber added after Meadows was shot there was a standoff. Meadows fell to the floor , grabbed a handgun and shot out of his house at deputies several times, but Suber said no one was hit.
"After a short standoff, Meadows was taken into custody without further incident. He was taken to South Central Regional Medical Center where he was treated for the gunshot wound. He went into surgery. He is in stable condition at this time," said Suber.

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