Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

15-year old Falmouth, Massachusetts boy brought gun to school

A 15-year old boy brought  an unloaded .380-caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol to school with him, which he had taken from his father's locked gunbox.  The parent was a conceal carry license holder. 

From the article:
The boy admitted to carrying a .38-caliber pistol, police said. The gun was not loaded, and the boy did not have any ammunition, police said. An initial investigation found that the boy took the gun from a relative without permission. The relative’s license to carry firearms has been suspended, pending the result of a full investigation, police said. The student, whose name was not released, was booked on charges of carrying a firearm on school grounds and carrying a firearm without a license.
From another article:

Captain Edward A. Dunne, Patrolman Andrew Loewen, and a uniformed patrolman went to the high school and pulled the student out of class. Chief Riello said that when the suspect was asked about the gun, he admitted to having it on his person.
The chief said the boy admitted he had been carrying the gun in school “for a couple days.”
The weapon was cocked but unloaded at the time of the arrest. The firearm is comparable to a nine-millimeter handgun and has a total capacity of seven bullets—six in the magazine and one in the chamber.
Chief Riello said that the student has no criminal record.
Over the course of the investigation, police learned that the student had acquired the gun at home after somehow obtaining the key to the weapon’s lockbox.
The suspect’s father, who is “duly licensed” to carry firearms, Chief Riello said, owned the pistol and an additional, undetermined number of firearms. All of his weapons were confiscated by police this morning along with the father’s firearms permit—all with the father’s cooperation, the chief added.
The suspect was booked on charges of possession of a firearm without an FID (firearms identification) card and possession of a firearm on school grounds. The boy was booked this morning, but as of press time police did not know if the boy was being held in custody or had been returned to his parents.
Pro-gun activists like to claim that locking a gun is enough to keep it out of children's hands, but most teens, when questioned away from parents, admit that they are able to get the key or know the combination.

Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

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