Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Miami boys, 14 and 11, shot with an AK 47

Antonio Miller, age 11
This dangerous neighborhood in Miami has been the scene of a lot of violence. Most recently two boys were shot with bullets from an AK 47 while standing outside of a housing complex in Miami. From the article:
Ted and his friend’s little brother, Antonio Miller, 11, both were shot while gathered with a group of about 10 kids, aged 7 to 16, on the sidewalk next to one of the most dangerous places in Miami-Dade County: the Liberty Square public housing project.
The boys' injuries were not life threatening. The shooting of the two boys was just the latest of many.
Before the police department’s initiative began, there were 13 shootings in Liberty Square in the previous two months. One was the November death of a 42-year-old father of five who was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from a previous shooting in June.
Because it was the weekend, Moss said he could not provide data to support the decrease in violent crimes or the number of evictions at Liberty Square. There have been at least three violent incidents - including Friday night’s shooting - in the complex since the initiatives were announced.
Still, the shots that rang out Friday night - Ted estimated he heard about 15 - were another reminder for many residents that it’s still not safe to be outside of their own homes.
(...) Ted said he won’t let the shooting deter any of his dreams. He’s on crutches, but plans to go to back to Charles R. Drew Middle School on Monday.
But his family is outraged. “I’m not angry at the shooter, I’m angry at society,” said Linda Williams, Ted’s grandmother. “So many children here have nothing to do and don’t know anything else but the violence. We’re treated like a lost city.” 
Kids and teens should not have to live in neighborhoods where shots ring out regularly, endangering their lives on a daily basis.

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