Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Ohio teens shot at, one injured, by angry motorist in road rage incident

Justin Watts, targeted by shooter
Three teens, Grady Black, Kevin Bogotman, and Justin Watts, were driving on I-74 in Ohio when they had a near-collision with a red Toyata hatchback car.  The driver of that vehicle became irate, pulling up behind the teens and flashing lights.  The boys then flipped him off.  When the teens started to exit off the interstate, the driver aimed his laser-sited handgun at them and opened fire, three shots, wounding one of the teens (Kevin) in the leg.

From the article and news footage:
"He was in the right lane I was in the left lane and they flipped him off out of the window and the next thing you know he shined the laser into the car, we thought it was just a laser pointer and I hear the window shatter and I took off." 
Sitting in the front passenger seat, Justin Watts was lucky the bullet hit the car door before it shattered the window. he describes what he saw and heard. "Started the laser from the front, hit me in the eyes, first shot...then second shot...DID YOU REALIZE IT WAS A LASER? I thought it was a laser pointer at first.  I didn't realize it was a gun.  I thought it was a laser pointer in my eyes and pop pop...my window blew out and we didn't think anybody got hit at first."  
But someone did get hit. The bullet in the rear went through both sides of the door and then through 17 year old Kevin Boegeman's leg. "I don't know, maybe 30 seconds after it happened I said is anybody hit?  That's when Kevin said he was hit and he called his mom. We dropped him off at his house then we drove here and called the cops." 
Lucky they had a story to tell... "He was getting off the exit and we were continuing on. He rolled down the window pointed the gun out, the laser came into my eyes and pop pop...that quick." 

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