Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

4-year old Virginia Beach boy shot in accident

Evan Pierce, age 4
A 4-year old was at home in Virginia Beach when he was shot in the hip with a large-caliber gun, possibly a .40-caliber handgun, in an apparent unintended shooting.  The boy's father, a Navy serviceman, has been arrested for felony child neglect.  The police have not yet revealed who pulled the trigger.  The boy is in critical condition.

Article and news footage.

UPDATE (3/3/12):  The boy's name is Evan Pierce, and he is still fighting for his life in a medically-induced coma.

From the article:

Dovel tells WAVY.com Evan had to undergo nine surgeries in the first 10 days after the shooting.

Dovel says doctors originally worried about brain damage, but the few times Evan has come to, he has showed good recognition of his surroundings.

"He did look at Jess and say 'Mommy,'" said Dovel. "We have been placing cars in his hands. She said 'You have a Mustang in your hand,' and he lifted it up. When they put him back down he dropped it again."

Nicholas Pierce, the boy's father, was charged with felony child neglect in the Feb. 9 shooting. He bonded out of jail Thursday. A judge ordered Pierce's father cannot have firearms or contact with his son and ex-wife.

Police say the shooting was an accident, but have not said who pulled the trigger.

"This was an instance where somebody was not safe with their firearms," said Dovel, who would not comment further because of the ongoing investigation. Dovel says he believes the shooting was accidental.

Evan's mother's family has set up a website to raise money to cover medical bills. The most recent post on the site is titled 'Spirits are high today.' Evan's mother writes, 'The nurse let me wash his hair and brush his teeth. I can't stop smiling.'

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