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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Hit List" found in Portland elementary school

A boy in a Portland, Oregon elementary school is accused of writing a hit list on a school whiteboard.

From the article and video:

District officials say a teacher at Bethany Elementary School discovered what's being called a "hit list," which includes the names of several students.
The list was discovered Monday and the student accused of making it has been removed from the school while the district investigates, according to authorities.
"It's a quiet, friendly neighborhood that has kids that are all just trying to get along with each other, I kind of find it hard to believe," said Mike Quinn, who lives in the area.

The boy, described as an upper-elementary student, will have to undergo a risk evaluation before being allowed back in class.
"Oh I'd be very concerned.  I'd want to get the bottom of it and have the truth come out," Quinn said.
The school has notified the parents of all students whose names appeared on the list.

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