Every year, nearly 3000 children and teens die from gunfire, and nearly 14,000 are injured.

Monday, February 6, 2012

15-year old football star killed in home invasion

Nicholas Jackson, II, age 15
15-year old Nicholas Jackson, II was at home in his bedroom playing video games when he heard noises outside his room. He opened the door to see what it was and discovered six men who had kicked in the basement door. Startled, the men shot the boy six times, then fled.

From the article:
Class valedictorian, rising football star. He could be a bit shy, but younger kids looked up to him. Especially his two younger brothers.
Norcross police say six men kicked in the basement door of the two-story home on Autry Street. Chief Warren Summers said they still do not have a motive, but say the suspects had no connection to Jackson or his family.
"Clearly some sort of theft was a motive to go into the house, but we're not certain what, if anything, was taken from the house," Chief Summers said.
Investigators say the shooting does not appear to be gang-related.
17-year-old Nikia Jackson was upstairs when her younger brother was shot.
"I came downstairs, I saw the van pulling away and I knew something was wrong," she said.
She called her grandmother and tried to give her brother CPR until help arrived.

From a related article:

Dr. Burrell Pope, principal at Hopewell Christian Academy where Nicholas attended for three years, said that he was a “model student” who was known for his helpful, friendly nature as well as his football skills:
“[Jackson] was the type of kid who stayed away from trouble,” Pope said. “That was his motto, he wanted always to stay away from trouble.”
“He was a young man of integrity, a mentor to a lot of the students who were younger than him,” he continued. “He was always willing to help out when needed.”

All six suspects were captured only 45 minutes later.

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